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Video of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Best Kiss Acceptance 2010 MTV Movie Awards 2010-06-06 19:37:44

Robert Pattinson Sneaks a Smooch With Kristen Stewart During Best Kiss Acceptance — Totally Planned or Caught Off Guard?

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart were triumphant for the second year in a row, winning Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards tonight. Their New Moon lip lock got the most votes, and just like last time, they took it upon themselves to tease us during their acceptance. This time, however, it looked like Robert actually snuck in a small peck at the end of their joking around. Some fans are saying that she looked a little bit pissed and perhaps taken by surprise by his gesture, while others say it was all part of their routine. So check out the video and tell us — was it totally planned or was Kristen caught off guard?

TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 6 years
TheCuttiex TheCuttiex 6 years
She seen kind of caught off guard :D but totally not mad at him! <3
theloveshack theloveshack 7 years
DYING at comment #2: what kind of poll is this??? hahahahahahahaha. and yes, kristin and rob are the two most awkward people to ever kiss up on that stage. I hope it wasn't a planned act, as they were quite awful. but they're a match made in heaven.
aestin aestin 7 years
#4 , #7, and #15 I agree #11 Your Right! I agree #34 Exactly #41 She already dose. It’s just behind the cameras. Lol #47 You got appoint!
CamilleEmma CamilleEmma 7 years
It was pure acting..... they are good at that, that's why they're actors!
SaraJeanQueen SaraJeanQueen 7 years
They are SO cute together, and I'm not even a Twilight fan. I just think they're both smart, interesting and the chemistry is undeniable. Very cute how he sneaked one in at the end :) I think he likes that she's not all over him like every other fan and actress would be at this point.
Malorie Malorie 7 years
To see how cute Rob and Kristen react to each other, is like anyone on else that are so happy to be together and into each other. Kristen is so shy, but she has Rob to show her not to be shy and it makes Kristen smile more.. Did you see how happy they were with each other!! =)
AmalieDanielle AmalieDanielle 7 years
I loved it all. They're so cute.
Bri4everRob Bri4everRob 7 years
I agree with number 41. me too
sanpar26 sanpar26 7 years
I think it was probably planned like last year but I think Rob surprised her in the end! Loved it!!!
dana-stewart dana-stewart 7 years
Look at Kristen, she so shyly. It's so sweet to see her like this. And Rob doesn't want to gave up, which is so romantic.
yellowColor yellowColor 7 years
OK, I watch it again....almost 20 times now. The more I watch it, the more I like it. It seems so fast for the first time because I guess, we all expect them to go in slowly like last year. I think they did plan to kiss each other because Kristen said "we gave it a shot". See, after Kristen's short speech, they pretended to step on each other, then Kris put her hand on Rob's shoulder. I guess, they supposed to go in slowly but Rob surprised her with a quick steal kiss (which I think so adorable), so Kristen went along with it, you can see her hand on Rob's head at numerous pictures on the websites. (no, I don't think she was angry, she was surprised because Rob laughed it off at the end :)) I think it is super cute. They seems more open today though.
manders411 manders411 7 years
I don't know if it was planned. She didn't looked pissed just kinda shocked so maybe it wasn't. Either way I love them together, am happy for them and feel bad that she is getting hated on so much. Its really pathetic.
ryby ryby 7 years
Oh, these two awkward and cute critters. Enjoy them while they last. They do not come in pairs like this one too often.
ilanac13 ilanac13 7 years
oh i don't know. whatever - :)
tutit tutit 7 years
love that she turned to him when she almost fell, and i <3 the kiss i think she was suprised but not mad..
kate4g kate4g 7 years
i think Rob surprised her but she liked it! :)
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