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Video of Scream 4 Contest Finalists

Who Should Be Our Scre4m Red Carpet Correspondent? Vote Now!

This poll is now closed, thank you for your votes! The winner of the contest will be contacted by PopSugar and announced online by Wednesday, April 6.

Meet our Scream 4 I'm a Huge Fan finalists! Thousands of you entered our fun Scre4m trivia contest, and 20 readers were randomly selected to submit videos telling us why they should win and showing us their best "scream." The semifinalists' Scream videos were amazing, it was so hard to pick the final five! Check out the awesome home videos made by Jessica, Kellie, Desirae, RaeLee, and Krystan to decide who should be PopSugar's red carpet representative and interview the cast at the Scream 4 premiere in LA. Of course, the lucky winner will have tons of surprises in store, too. Voting ends Monday, April 4, at 11:59 p.m. PST, so it's time to get voting and share it with your friends so your favorite finalist wins! So, who should be our red carpet correspondent?

Community-Manager Community-Manager 6 years
Hi again! Please know that this poll is now closed. We appreciate everyone's participation and hope all of you had fun voting! Just to clarify, the results do not indicate the winner of this contest. Stay tuned, as the winner of the contest will be contacted by PopSugar and announced online by Wednesday, April 6th.
johndango johndango 6 years
" You should all be ashamed to call yourselves Scream fans." They're not all cheating. I truly believe I know what's going on and who is doing the shady stuff but I'm too respectful to claim it on the board like this. Just don't lump all the girls in on this. There are a couple at least who are being honest and being messed with.
Gypsy314 Gypsy314 6 years
Jessica- you seem like a very nice person! I have actually been through Morgantown several times and it is beautiful. I was hoping you would win if I didn't. I agree. I feel like we spent all this time campaigning and getting harassed (well I am) for no reason. I being accused of being a cheater and I know I didn't cheat. I wouldn't even know what to do. My boss was so excited, she told all of her friends and family. Good Luck to you! I am sorry for us all that it is such a disaster.
jessicanicole156 jessicanicole156 6 years
Gypsy314 - I have been campaigning too and my students were so excited (I think!) to be a part of it. Now I feel like it's all been for nothing because it won't matter in the end. Starting the voting over sounds like a great idea but realistically the premiere is in a week and there's probably no time. At the end of the day, we know what we did and if we were honest and that's enough for me.
Community-Manager Community-Manager 6 years
Hi everyone, thanks for all of your comments and please know that we are definitely addressing any concerns that have been posted here. If anyone would like to share further feedback, or has any additional questions, please don't hesitate to send me a private message. Thanks!
Gypsy314 Gypsy314 6 years
Jessica- I have been campaigning pretty hard, but I am worried that someone is trying to get me disqualified. I was at CVS when i started getting calls and texts about my votes. I would be down with restarting the votes and using a Captcha. I can honestly say I have no idea WTF is going on!! It is pretty unbelievable.
jessicanicole156 jessicanicole156 6 years
It looks like my votes are jumping up a lot... and that makes me nervous that someone has started cheating to even the playing field. I've shared the contest with my students today but to jump over 500 votes so fast is hard to believe even to me. So if that is what happened- kudos to the jerks who set me up. Raelee and I were trying to be honest. Guess that's what happens though. :(
Gypsy314 Gypsy314 6 years
I agree! I don't approve of going around bashing people! I thought all the videos were great. I wanted to win, but I am a sick of seeing people I have never met call me a bitch and a hoe. I love scream. I love the actors in the movies for their roles outside of the movie as well. Scream is my favorite scary movie and one of my favorite movies, Courtney Cox is one of my favorite actresses. Scream, Friends, Dirt, Cougar town. My engagement ring is based off Monica's and is even by the same designer. Don't even get me started on Neve, David, Patrick, Hayden, Adam Brody and Kristen Bell. Those are just a few of the people in the movie that I am huge fans of outside of the movie. My DVD/tv collections proves that. Meeting them would be a dream, I can't even describe how much it would mean to meet them. However, I am sick of being called names. I did campaign my ass off. I invited thousands of people, who in turn invited their friends. I would like to thank my friends and family for everything they have done to help me out. I really appreciate you guys. I am a lucky girl. Now I will go cry in my coffee.
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