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The Kanye West and Taylor Swift Drama — Totally Justified or Getting Blown Out of Proportion?

Kanye West broke down on Leno last night talking about his behavior at Sunday's VMAs. This morning, Taylor Swift stopped by The View to discuss her thought process at the moment it all went down and say that he hadn't personally reached out to her yet — though since then he apparently has and she accepted his apology. Radio stations are going so far as to stop playing Kanye songs and even Donald Trump called for a boycott of the rapper. The punishment is starting to seem just a little harsh and while most of you don't forgive him Kanye has apologized now in a few different ways. So what do you think about all the Kanye and Taylor drama — it's all totally justified or is this whole thing being blown out of proportion?

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carbizkate carbizkate 7 years
I'm sooooo sick of this. People are making it into a much bigger deal than it needs to be, and I agree with everyone who has said that Chris Brown should have been treated this way. But I was sick of seeing Taylor's face before this happened, so maybe that has some bearing on my opinion. Now I'm really tired of her.
gamestomper-6 gamestomper-6 7 years
yeah it's justified,but we really need to get on to something worthwhile, he'll do something else after this. he's just a.... i'm not even going embarrass a profane word by calling him one.
cooper cooper 7 years
DVDSKY1-totally agree, you rock! It has to be said that Taylor Swift is the epitome of class.
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 7 years
Seriously blown out of proportion. It's not like he Chris Browned her. Let's move on people!
sidra5397 sidra5397 7 years
If Taylor's cool with everything, then that is fine with me. He's apologized, and maybe I'm a sucker but his apology seemed very sincere on Leno. I could see he rightfully felt ashamed when Jay brought up his mother. I hope he's all the wiser for the backlash he recieved and the hurt he caused Taylor. It's all over and done with in my book.
nicklover nicklover 7 years
seriously people are fighting over this? Sure it was messed what he did but move on. Get a life. Seriously.
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 7 years
I chose justified. He did a stupid thing and actions have consequences. However, my sister brought up a good point: Kanye is an attention hog. He seeks it out - good or bad, so aren't we just giving him what he wants? Ugh...what a horrid guy.
remywill remywill 7 years
If it was his only a@@hole move I would say blown out of proportion for sure, but this is just another of his stupid moves. His ego and sense of self importance is what is actually blown out of proportion.
medenginer medenginer 7 years
He's out of line and has no tact without question. The world doesn't revolve around you Mr. West and some opinions should be kept to yourself. Take this valuable lesson and use it for future reference. Ms. Swift unfortunately this is life and this happens. When people try to knock you down it's how you deal with it that makes you a better and stronger person.
pinkprincess1101 pinkprincess1101 7 years
First of all, Taylor does not need this to amp her cd sales she is one of the most respected young artists out there. The girl writes all her own music that have all been number one and sold so many cd's she co wrote Kellie Pickler's latest hit. Why the hell is this about RACE? He is a flipping IDIOT and that is it.
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