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Heading to Philly? This Spring is a great time to check out the city — especially with Virgin America launching its low-fare, high-frills daily nonstop flights from LAX and SFO to PHL as of April 2012. Known for its tricked-out new planes, touch-screen entertainment, and amenities like fleet-wide WiFi, the airline has created a cult-like following on the coasts. And the airline's in-flight entertainment does credit to its California roots — with an iPad-like seatback touchscreen for flyers with 35 films, live TV, Google Maps, video games, seat-to-seat chat, music videos, a 3,000-song library, an on-demand menu, and more.

To mark the quickly growing airline's Philly launch, Virgin America first shared the news with its social media fans via a video that spotted the beloved and mysterious "Greenman" from the hit FX television show It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia near a Virgin America aircraft. In addition to grabbing those super-low fares to Philly, visitors to the airline's Facebook page can enter for a chance to win round-trip flights and the ultimate It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia fan pack, consisting of seasons 1-6 DVDs, a Paddy's Pub t-shirt, the official board game, and a guide to the characters' favorite haunts. Oh, and of course, you can check out It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia en route at 35,000 feet on Virgin America.

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