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Vote Now on the Critics' Choice Red Carpet Polls

Vote Now on the Critics' Choice Red Carpet Polls

The king and queen have arrived. Brad and Angelina smiled their way down the red carpet tonight along with many other beautiful celebrities at the 2009 Critics' Choice Awards.

Right now, Fab and Bella have all the latest looks from the red carpet as the stars make their way into the event. Come back for more details later, but in the meantime, vote away by clicking here for fashion polls, and here for beauty polls.


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pequeña pequeña 8 years
I see what you're saying Ginger, but I just see nothing wrong with sunbathing in Cabo. I mean, I love the beach, and that does not mean that I do not help or care about important issues. A lot of people, celebrities or not, give money and try to be involved about causes they care about. Brad and Angelina do help a lot and give a lot of money, that's for sure, and I'll never criticize that because I think it's very important, but they also fly in private jets, go from a palace with 35 bedrooms to an even bigger palace and use the helicopter instead of the car. There's nothing wrong with that if they have the money for it. All I'm saying is that they're not saints or role models (at least not my role models), they're not Mother Theresa, Gandhi or Nelson Mandela, they're just Hollywood stars who are pretty and popular.
Joanna Joanna 8 years
What's up with them. They are trying way too hard. He keeps talking about for as long as things work again, just like he did before his last split. He's got six kids now so he better not decide he needs a change again. She looks so thin and old and he does too. Something is going on that isn't good. This time he has six children to think of so he better decide that's what he wants.
kiki86 kiki86 8 years
oh my god those hands... angelina is really beautiful but too skinny, and her outfits boring, i don't understand why she dresses and behaves like she's older, while the rest of the world does exactly the opposite! maybe she wants to be classy, but you can be classy without being banal...
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
I find it fascinating that other celebs gawk at them. Interesting.
AlliGirl AlliGirl 8 years
Tiabia are you kidding? You're one of the MAIN people trying to tell people what they should and should not think. Just like your hypocritical comment..yeah, it would be a better place if you too took your own advice..but, just as your comment can't stop telling people how they should act on a blog. :oy:
Idalia Idalia 8 years
They look like wax figure. lol!!!Nothing loyal about them, they are the king and queen of the tabloids.
Ginger Ginger 8 years
If you read the context of the whole post, and the post it was responding to, that's a completely valid point pequeña. During Ocean's Twelve we saw Brad, George and some of the other cast members diving off George's boat, on the lake by his house in Italy, during some off days. Last week George was tanning and partying in Cabo with Cindy Crawford and friends, and Brad was evidently somewhere else. Matt Damon too. Not to take away from the good works George has supported, like his work on Sudan for example, but he's definitely on a different path.
pequeña pequeña 8 years
I'm not a fan of Angelina but I loved her look, simple and pretty. She should really gain weight though. I'm so happy for Anne. I loved her in Rachel Getting Married and she was so thankful and happy. "Not every celeb wants to jet down to Cabo to work on their tan." Do we really need those comments?
Sarana Sarana 8 years
I think she looks quite nice here but she needs to gain weight. It was just distracting in the Changeling how thin she is. It took away from her performance.
lisa101 lisa101 8 years
I'm sorry chocosora but what the f@ck?!?!I know you love Cruise so lets have a look 1.Married 3 times, most recently to someone who he had a baby with before they were married.He of course wanted to check she was fertile 2. He dumped his wife of 10years just as she was suffering a miscarriage 3.He is closet gay 4.He spouts nonsence regarding how woman should approach post natal depression.... I could go on but maybe you should see they are not so different and let people live how they want to. I unclude cruise in that but if you're gonna throw stones lets get it all out there
Ginger Ginger 8 years
There is more to moral character and good values than who one lives with. I think that people who regularly donate about 1/3 of their gross income to charities that help people in need, and who open their home to adopt children in need show a good example of values and character that many people could learn from. There are a lot of wealthy people who write checks, but these two have created and funded a number of organizations to help different issues, and been hands-on in much of the management, in addition to her work with the UN. Not every celeb wants to jet down to Cabo to work on their tan. And there is probably some art work from their children around the house that means more to them than any award they are nominated for this season.
ikay ikay 8 years
Stunning couple, as usual!!! I find it sad that people are so judgemental about this couple, considering how little we actually know about them. And, stop it already with the adultry and Jenn crap!!! Geez, let it rest.
chocosora chocosora 8 years
More like King and Queen of moral and values decline in America and the world. Back then Ingrid Bergman was so punished for giving birth unmarried and being with a married man but now this degrading lifestyle of Brad and Angie so worshipped by the media and some fans? My prayers are with us all.
joannn joannn 8 years
I'm not a fan, but neither am I a critic of this couple. But calling them King and Queen? Why?
Rubi Rubi 8 years
ilek thanks for the info... love the bit of Brad and Angie talking with McLovin Christopher Mintz-Plasse, lol
Rubi Rubi 8 years
Thank You Ginger for your comment, I like to read what other people think but many times is just too much silliness and its nice to know there are positive lovely respectful people like you.
ilek ilek 8 years
To me they are the King and Queen and it seems I'm not alone - HW seems to think so as well! :-)
ilek ilek 8 years
Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: Critics' Must-See Couple? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie didn't win any awards tonight, but they were the center of the universe inside the Critics' Choice Awards. Just like last year, every time there was a commercial break, it seemed like everyone stood up to gawk at Hollywood's shiniest golden couple. Of course, they weren't left alone for even a nanosecond. During a break, Jolie got a double kiss from director Ron Howard. Then Jolie and Pitt huddled with Mickey Rourke and Rourke's Wrestler director, Darren Aronofsky. While Jolie chatted with one of the many suits in the room, Pitt was introduced to this year's new It girl, Slumdog Millionaire star Freida Pinto. If there's anyone here who could compare to Jolie as a beauty, it's Pinto. And then there was this most bizarre matchup of the evening: Brangelina and McLovin, aka Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Yes, the three spent time chatting and laughing it up. Hilarious! Finally the pair headed backstage, but made one brief stop along the way to say hello to Sean Penn, who won an acting award for his starring role in Milk. But all gawking stopped at the show's end, as Brangelina was among the first to leave at the show's end. Within minutes security had them out through a side entrance. In Pitt's left hand? A Heineken.
Lukin Lukin 8 years
I must be in the small minority of people who like her look here. It's not my favorite she's ever worn, but she wears it well enough. Brad is always one of the best-looking men on the red carpet.
Ginger Ginger 8 years
Rubi, I think it reflects more on the character of the posters making the comments than on the subjects being discussed.
Rubi Rubi 8 years
why it can never be peaceful? why people always have to be rude? I mean Im used to it (I do live in NY) There is no need for that.
Rubi Rubi 8 years
tina57 tina57 8 years
Now these things are called the K&Q There Both a piece of sh it..A looks disgusting as usual with those hands and arms and those legs. well the hell is wrong with her.. yuck B is a liar, and i can't stand either one of them...
Joanna Joanna 8 years
Now maybe we can see pictures and hear about the real winners not this over-hyped couple.
vlada vlada 8 years
Nice to see her not in black even though the dress isn't that flattering on her. They both look to be rapidly aging but the seem happy. I don't think Brad should be in contention at all, he really didn't bring anything to the role. No comment on Angie since I haven't seen her film.
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