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Watch Robert Pattinson and His Beard Help Hope For Haiti Now

Tonight George Clooney rallied his Hollywood friends for a great cause. There were more than 100 actors taking calls and many fabulous performances on Hope For Haiti Now. Madonna, JT, Kid Rock, Taylor Swift, Chris Martin and Beyonce, Bono, Jay-Z and Rihanna and more performed during the telethon and now you can even preorder the songs for purchase on iTunes. Rob and his beard even came out of hiding today to join in for the cause. Check him out below along with Madonna singing "Like A Prayer." After the jump watch Christina, Taylor, Justin, Jay-Z and more and tell us which was your favorite touching performance. It's not too late to help so do what you can by donating here.

Jennifer Hudson, JT, Christina Aguilera, Jay-Z and more great performances so


Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris

Rihanna, Jay-Z and Bono

Jennifer Hudson

Taylor Swift

Christina Aguilera

Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow and Keith Urban

Beyonce Knowles and Chris Martin

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jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
I cried like a baby after John Legend's "Motherless Child"...Rob P was soo genuine, it was after him that I donated again...everybody did an amazing job and I'm glad I was able to help
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 7 years
Of course out of everyone there....Rob and his beard get a post on here. pathetic.
Pampire Pampire 7 years
I loved all the performances, but leave it to Justin to promote his singer he just signed to his label. Rob looked gorgeous as ever and really touched by this horrific tragedy. Kudos to all the celebs for doing this, it was very very touching.
Frida83 Frida83 7 years
#21 Thank god someone is sane around here.... there were some AMAZING performances and Rob (and his beard) gets the top spot....very surprising... Funny too how people are gushing about him because he was the only one I didn't think felt genuine at all, you could tell he was reading from a card. If anyone was genuine it was Halle Berry, felt like she'd start crying any second and I actually did. As far as the performances go I loved Rihanna/Bono/JayZ and Sheryl Crow/Keith Urban/Kid Rock
wicca_08 wicca_08 7 years
Love them all!
TwiHard4evr TwiHard4evr 7 years
Robert was awsoem and soo was Beyonce and Madonna There Soungs Touched Me....Donate Now To Save A Life!!!!... or donate to the number above in all of the videos!!
NiceDriveway NiceDriveway 7 years
As much as I love that celebs are doing this, I have to say, this was the stupidest title for a post EVER. Rob Pattinson and his beard? Who cares about the beard? Why is that relevant? Why does that get precedence over all the good celebs are doing here?
olga-7777 olga-7777 7 years
From MTV about tonight You could see the heartbreak in Robert Pattinson’s eyes as he read the story of a Haitian girl stuck beneath the rubble for days, and as he spoke, the room got densely quiet.
chile68 chile68 7 years
Rob was wonderful and very touching, it was great of him to help to make a difference. Good for you Rob!!! I agree with olga7777 Robert Pattinson is the most awesome and sweet person. Breath of fresh air in Hollywood.:) I feel proud to be his fan ;) Thank you to all the other celebrities that were there too. Good job!!
Darkpasion452 Darkpasion452 7 years
I love ROB AND his beard is sexy
analane analane 7 years
I loved almost all performances, my favorites: Christina aguilera and Jennifer Hudson, beautiful work this two singers did.
olga-7777 olga-7777 7 years
well done, Rob! i was crying when he spoke....and his eyes the most touching moment for me Rob is the most awesome and sweet person...)) love him even more!
katy2 katy2 7 years
Rob looked touched by the whole thing, . Rob's words moved me... he was so genuine...and His eyes said it all ! And All the other too...very moving the all event. what an Amazing cause and well done to all who participated and donated!
christy16 christy16 7 years
i practically love every performance here! it's such a nice thing to see that despite their hectic life, they still make time for doing this honorable thing! kudos to all of you! :D may God bless haiti :D
MissHalfway MissHalfway 7 years
I totally agree with you #2, he was really genuine and touching... Rob was great!
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