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We Can Still Hope

Vince Vaughn is already shutting down rumors about him and Jennifer Aniston as a couple. We all remember their rendezvous months ago which turned out to be a work dinner. It lead to their movie The Break-Up which they are currently in Chicago filming.

In a recent Wedding Crashers interview Vince said, "I think Jennifer is an awesome actress and an awesome person, but we're not a couple... I'm one of the producers on the film and I wanted Jennifer to be my co-star..... Honestly, Jennifer and I don't think of those things as much as other people. It's the media that draws those kind of parallels"

Again, we can only hope...

He ended the discussion with this quote which I think is just sad, "I like to think that some day I will get married, but as you get older it does get easier to be alone."

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