We are so excited and proud to welcome a new addition to our family, FitSugar! She is here to help you discover a healthy, happy you.

FitSugar will give you tips on ways to get Jessica Alba’s body or figuring out which workout is best for you or if you even like to workout at all--She'll also give you the scoop on the latest fads and gear, so at least you'll look good trying.

Whether you're already emptying your wallet for everything organic, or you totally break into a cold sweat in the aisles of Whole Foods--She’ll be your common sense guide in these hectic times.

Can’t shake stress at work? Maybe all it takes is a good yell in the office bathroom (when no one else is in there, of course). She's got some great stress relieving tips that she can't wait to share with you.

Everyday FitSugar will be bringing you lots of cool, helpful and motivational tips to a healthy, happy you!

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