Rumor is that after this season Garner-Affleck is out of the TV series that made her a star. The Insider reports: Producers are apparently betting on this season's new co-star, Rachel Nichols, to save the hit series. She plays a new spy being trained by Garner. If she's a hit, they're looking to make her the shows next star. Garner's rep didn't comment. An "Alias" rep says,"I haven't heard that so I can't confirm that."

Jennifer will be a mommy and she gets more movie offers then Ben so maybe it is time to leave Alias behind. The show was great the first 2 years but since then it has been the same old thing over and over and over again. I think it will be interesting to see how next season will be laid out based on the cliff hanger (that sucked) and Jennifer's pregnant character. She's just too happy with her life with Ben to be working so hard on a b-rated TV show.