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What to Tivo: Wednesday

  • BRAVO is all new with Project Runway
  • MTV is new with VMA 06: All Eyes on Christina Aguilera
  • CBS has the results show of Rock Star: Supernova
  • FOX is new with So You Think You Can Dance
  • NBC is new with Last Comic Standing and America's Got Talent
  • ABC is new with back to back episodes of Primetime
  • BET is new with Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is and DMX: Soul of a Man
  • FX has a new 30 Days
  • Late night highlights include Kate Hudson on a repeat of Late Show With David Letterman on CBS and Heidi Klum on Late Night With Conan O'Brien on NBC
yayita yayita 11 years
LOL, you guys are funny :) HI JENNS HUSBAND!!!! :)
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Yes, the latin stuff is great. It's all great. Alright, my husband is kicking me off the computer. Boo! Ok, now he's complaining about this. Actually, my son wants a smoothie and I have to go make it. But my husband is also harassing me. STOP READING OVER MY SHOULDER! Bye ladies!
yayita yayita 11 years
I love it all!! but my faves are the latin stuff. I ove watching heidi, just adore the way she moves.
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
OMG totally! I guess they can't have Mia choreograph too much or they might actually kill the dancers. But both her dances were awesome. And the bench routine would have made me cry if I weren't so jaded. :)
yayita yayita 11 years
Travis is super gay but I must admit his bench routine with heidi really moved me. It was beautiful!
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Oh wait I forgot about Ivan. He's probably straight. Lame but straight. If Benji is gay, he has no idea yet. :) Poor guy. Yes, Dmitri did. And he wasn't *that* hot. Did the whole Travis and Allison thing throw you off after she got kicked off? I was like what? He's totally gay! I guess they're good friends...?
yayita yayita 11 years
wow you really are into it LOL I am still iffy on benji, he may still be gay LOL but Dimitri got a lilttle arrogant with the chest action and it back fired on him.
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
She and Benji are cousins, right. I do think they've competed together before. But, Benji is a swing dancer. Heidi and Dmitri are Latin dancers. I am waaay too into this show. I know! Benji is a cutey. I was wavering back and forth with a weak reading on the gaydar. But, I think he really is straight. So that makes him and Dmitri out of the 10 guys. :)
yayita yayita 11 years
really? I thought benji was her partner LOL, they are cousins right? and benji is a virgin, those crazy mormons
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
Yes, his whole family is a Mormon ballroom juggernaut. Did you know that Heidi and Dmitri are partners in real life?
yayita yayita 11 years
LOL you travis freak! Travis would fit it better with celine Dions show. But people love benji and his dad is a pro ballroom dancer too
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
But, actually, I think you're right. I think Benji has a lock on the voters. He's great.
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
that* Travis is good
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
You watch it!? Yay!! I love Travis. I mean I like all 4 of them, but I think Travis should win. Can you imagine Heidi or Benji dancing in Celine Dion's show? Besides I love Travis. Have I mentioned than Travis is good? :)
yayita yayita 11 years
Oh yeah Jenn, I love it hehehe. I think Heidi or Benji will win
jennifer76 jennifer76 11 years
So You Think You Can Dance? Anybody? Anybody?
jenintx jenintx 11 years
i couldn't agree more!! i think the only reason they are keeping "Z" around is b/c dave likes to wear her...ahem...outfits when she's not performing.
Pinkperfectpixie Pinkperfectpixie 11 years
sjpwanna...I could not agree more...okay, nice booty, but that is as far as it goes, forgive me, but c'mon!
sjpwannabe sjpwannabe 11 years
please tell me zayra is going home on rock star supernova! she is making a joke of herself and the show!
Pinkperfectpixie Pinkperfectpixie 11 years
Supernova, Supernova!!! I cannot get enough of Tommy and don't tell my future husband, would not want the "complex" thing going on!!! XO, L
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