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Which Magazine Will You Pick Up This Weekend?

It's the weekend, which means it's time to check out big stories grabbing covers. OK! has exclusive details on Rob and Kristen's sex scenes and alleged intimate marriage proposal on the set of Eclipse. Jennifer Hudson's revealing her slimmed down body on the cover of People and sharing how she lost 10 dress sizes! Star broke the story about Kelly Preston's unexpected pregnancy and Us has new photos of Sandra Bullock settling into life with Louis. So, tell us — which magazine will you pick up this weekend?

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wicca_08 wicca_08 7 years
It wasn't really a proposal.
i was lookin' in the mirror trying to finnddddddddddddd a new reflection!
Akasha Akasha 7 years
I don't get OK magazine they are reporting on stuff that has to do with Rob and Kristen's characters not them personally. First it was the Rob quote saying her was nervous proposing to Kristen, when what he said was that he was nervous doing the scene where Edward proposes to Bella. Then there was the headline saying Kristen's Pregnant when that was a total joke that he made on Oprah to which Kristen responded that while she was indeed pregnant Rob had agreed to carry the baby for her. OK also did an entire article about their secret wedding and that Kristen was pregnant. Again this was based on a discussion of Breaking Dawn. And finally they have the article about them arguing because Kristen doesn't want to get married right now, which oddly is exactly what Bella will be going through in Eclipse. I can't take OK seriously even for a minute just based on the Rob/Kristen coverage, but if I needed anymore proof check out the years of Angelina / Brad coverage to see that they don't even know what they write from week to week let alone whether it's truth or fiction.
kellykonrad kellykonrad 7 years
OK for me
ali92507 ali92507 7 years
I already bought Star mag, but not because of John and Kelly lol! I bought it because some of my favorite soaps stars were modeling swimsuits lol.
dana-stewart dana-stewart 7 years
I voted for OK! I want to know all the news about Robsten. ;)
mamamiamandy mamamiamandy 7 years
OK nmagazine is awful trash, nonstop bs reporting bout Rob and Kristen.. the only one I wouls read is People. it seems to be creditable and has more inspiring stories that gossip and lies.
emiad emiad 7 years
I would say that Sandra looks more tired than happy ;-) but that's perfectly normal with a new baby :-)
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