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Which Robert Pattinson Photo Is Sexier? Play Our Newest Faceoff!

23 years ago this week, Robert Pattinson was born! A lot has changed for the star in the last year as a result of his sudden rise to fame, and we've been there though it all — from Buzz's chat with him last November to our current giveaway of the jacket he wore in How to Be. To mark this special day, we've created a Robert Pattinson faceoff game so that his many fans can celebrate along with him! Click here to start and you will also be eligible to win $100 a day or a $1000 monthly grand prize just for playing. Remember, when Robert's involved, there are no wrong answers! So tell us, which Rob photo is the hottest of all?

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Mega111 Mega111 7 years
yuck!! can this guy BE any Uglier???? if every guy looked like him then every girl would be a lesbian!!!
zuke zuke 7 years
Where is "Which Chace Crawford Photo is hotter," or "Which Zac Efron Photo is Hotter?" Nasty, greasy guys are not hot. He does seem like kind of a nice guy, though. I just don't like him and he's really gross and has poor personal hygiene. Who would want to go near his unshowered self that reeks of cigarette smoke? Not me.
zuke zuke 7 years
I agree with posters one, two, and three. I don't like this guy at all.
Claire-Underwear Claire-Underwear 7 years
This game is like trying to pick which of your kids is your favorite. You can't really lose at this game, however :D
Twilightox Twilightox 8 years
You seriouly want me choose! :) I LOVE them both, but I'm gonna go with the one on the right :) Rob is just amazing :D <3
masoyo masoyo 8 years
I like him no matter how he looks like in different shots..He is handsome,popular and talented.This the reason why u see him always when u Google pop sugar..don't even dare to give bad comments about him..I'm pissed off cos' he don't deserve that..he is such a gentleman that everyone would fall for him if u were given a chance to go for a date with him
elizabeth14 elizabeth14 8 years
OMG! u guys need to get a life! so what if he smokes, so do a lot of people and also pretty much the whole twilight cast. smoking is not that big of a deal and comment on something else not just on the smoking or his lack of hygene. personally i think that he is extremely sexii and u must be blind not to see that
larmo larmo 8 years
rob in suits is pretty bad so i vote the second photo!!!! why is everyone criticising him? I'll have if no one else will!!!!
RoSsB RoSsB 8 years
And my sons think he's cool.
RoSsB RoSsB 8 years
Aside from the fact that he is so gorgeous, he is talented and has a great personality, too.
virginpinacolada virginpinacolada 8 years
yeah.. what's wrong with you people?jealous?just shut up!he's hot and 99% perfect!
sophie-meas sophie-meas 8 years
It's not just his looks that are appealing...yeah he's very sexy,I'll admit it but it's his personality as well! In interviews he seems to be very funny and humble. He's also very charming and gracious towards his fans. His a gentleman and that's what's appealing...oh and his hot too!!
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