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There are lots of red carpets to stroll down in Hollywood, but sometimes certain ladies have us wondering why they picked a particular outfits. There are flashbulbs galore at huge events, but some stars don't seem to have mastered the art of dressing for the cameras. Diane Kruger was voted best dressed on Fab so, tell us what you think — who had the worst red-carpet style of 2009?

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Isista Isista 7 years
I voted Amber. But seriously guys? Arguing about Kristen again? Do you all have nothing better to do? I don't think she would be on this list, plain and simply because of people like Amber, Paris and Miley. At least Kristen doesn't assume that her style is amazing; I think these other women do.
annabelle1022vu annabelle1022vu 7 years
Miley looks cute
onlyforlove onlyforlove 7 years
As much as I don't like Miley style, Amber Rose is the queen of bad style!
travelsugarfairy travelsugarfairy 7 years
Amber Rose definitely I like Blake but her style is almost always the same just like one comment about Paris, Blake is sort of just switching colors. I think she has this gown in white. . . While Hayden and Miley dress too old for their age I think Paris is still stuck pretending shes sweet 16?!
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Amber Rose looks pretty bad, but at least it's not predictable and it can be... interesting? I voted Paris Hilton because everywhere she goes she looks like a stupid piece of candy or something. Uuuuugh.
allthingspop allthingspop 7 years
Amber Rose isn't trying to fit in. So her "style" is intentional. On the other hand, Paris Hilton wears the same dress in different colors to everything. And Kristen Stewart should be on the list too. She doesn't wear her clothes, her clothes wear her.
French-Kiss French-Kiss 7 years
But Blake and Miley were so sexy like this ! :O
jaan_black jaan_black 7 years
Amber looks like a Cirqe du Soleil reject in that hideous outfit
dancing-nancy dancing-nancy 7 years
i think blake needs to be replaced by princess riri who has the most hideous taste in clothes.
Paromita Paromita 7 years
wow what happened to Hayden.. she always looks good.. here she's all frumpy :P But the worst..Amber Rose of course :P
JAFederer12 JAFederer12 7 years
Oh, and #14, not all fans of Kristen Stewart or of the Twilight Saga are delusional. That was not right and not cool.
JAFederer12 JAFederer12 7 years
Well, I voted for Blake Lively. She has dressed nicely and classy, but to me, in this photo, she was coming close showing more than enough skin. Lucky she didn't have a waldrobe malfunction. Seriously, #14, Kristen Stewart would not belong on this list. Lady Gaga, on the other hand, definitely belongs on this list.
Pampire Pampire 7 years
Definitely Amber Rose! :SICK:
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
Amber Rose
Sophie827 Sophie827 7 years
Amber (although I'm not sure who she is), followed by Miley. I agree with everyone who said Blake doesn't belong on this list. Her outfits are revealling - but not to the point where they are distasteful. I remember a point when the plunging neckline was all the rage amongst celebs, even the more conservative ones wore it.
jor2590 jor2590 7 years
is this even a question. amber.
clew001 clew001 7 years
why is blake lively on this list? she looks hot! yes, she has some low cut dresses, but so does halle berry, rihanna, jennifer aniston, jennifer lopez, & a whole lotta other chicks. if i had that girls body, id run around naked. i think kanye's girl looks terrible & miley dresses like she's ready to pounce.
misslilyfication misslilyfication 7 years
I don't know why but I can't help but like Amber Rose's outfit. I voted Miley Cyrus because her dress is kinda trailer-trash-Morticia's-wedding-dress. Although keep in mind I like the Lizard Queen leotard :P
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
amber rose
LolaSvelt LolaSvelt 7 years
Amber by default. There were worse people.
myfairlady93 myfairlady93 7 years
How is Miley Cyrus' look 'sophisticated?' She just looks super trashy all the time.
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