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There are always plenty of stars to write about day after day, but some celebrities are constantly in the headlines. Whether they were receiving recognition for their work or creating a buzz about their personal lives, they just never seem to leave the public eye. So tell us — who is the most talked about celebrity of 2008?

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Puke Puke 8 years
Britney, of course! But now my diva was talked about her music, and not her personal life what makes me really proud of her
Marlowe Marlowe 8 years
Britney Spears
Audrey1974 Audrey1974 8 years
Britney, doy! Angelina, though, was talked about a LOT after Jennifer made her uncool comments.
MacDre MacDre 8 years
Wavy, center-parted hair is popular this year, eh?
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i said britney since the first half of the year was devoted to how crazy she was and the rest of the year was talking about how everyday she was more and more normal.
spicyaroma spicyaroma 8 years
It's got to be Britters!
foreverbeth foreverbeth 8 years
WTF! LINDSAY LOHAN....DEF! she's got the constant drama circling around her. britney news was big this year, but i think lindsay comes out on top. and how come jennifer aniston didn't make this list?
SpeakLike-aChild SpeakLike-aChild 8 years
Angelina! Everybody talks about her. Britney is not as popular as Angelina outside the USA.
holysnap holysnap 8 years
Brit-Brit, I miss her crazy ways.
mariejoeyjacobs mariejoeyjacobs 8 years
Tnkrbelli Tnkrbelli 8 years
Britney!!!!!!!!!!! :p
Ginger Ginger 8 years
Wow, Conrad and Lohan are ahead of Tom Cruise. Hope he doesn't catch wind, or he'll step up his game.
hmweis1 hmweis1 8 years
Lauren Conrad? Really?
Jude-C Jude-C 8 years
I think Angelina still holds the title of "Celebrity Whose Posts Get the Most Comments and Ridiculous Flame Wars" champion, so her.
laura1jl laura1jl 8 years
p.s. hate Britney, Madonna and Lohan's hair style
laura1jl laura1jl 8 years
Angelina and Britney are the only celebs that were actually talked about consistently through 2008
Roccoco Roccoco 8 years
Why is this even a question??We've been Brit bombarded from the start of the year to the end of this year, we saw her go from ugly duckling to swan again...hopefully it will stay a "happily ever after" at that!
Frank-y-Ava Frank-y-Ava 8 years
Angelina (cause she was preggers) and Britney (comeback)
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 8 years
Britney, obviously. Angelina wasn't as talked about as she was back in 2006 & 2007
Pop-Champagne Pop-Champagne 8 years
geeze def Britney!
LikeThoseShoes LikeThoseShoes 8 years
and why is john mayer on this list?
lilflowa lilflowa 8 years
Britney definetely
bag100 bag100 8 years
Where's the "I don't care about any of these people" button?
Emmygirl Emmygirl 8 years
Why is Lauren Conrad even on this list?
CoMMember13630786602261 CoMMember13630786602261 8 years
Likethoseshoes-angies is actually the same as jessicas and laurens, its just brown instead of blonde.
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