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Rumors are rampant that Justin and Cameron have split, yet nothing has been confirmed. Clearly women all over are waiting in line to get with the supposedly now single JT. Sharon Stone made her move on the red carpet of Alpha Dog and Paris and Kim Kardashian are obviously trying to score as well. With all of this female attention, it's doubtful JT will be single for long. So, who do you think the lucky lady should be?

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taylor29 taylor29 10 years
Mar, I also agree KATE HUDSON and JT would be ADORABLE!!!!!
taylor29 taylor29 10 years
UGH?!?!? Who the hell voted for Britney?!?!?! They must not think that much of JT. Justin deserves WAY better than Britney who had to lower herself to Paris's level. And what does that say about Britney when the Super Bowl doesn't even want Britney, they would rather have Paris Hilton!!! I think JT should get with Scarlett or Jessica Biehl or someone like Mandy Moore!
Smilinatu Smilinatu 10 years
I look a lil like JT when my head's shaved does that count? lol...anyways as far as JT's dating goes why not Eva Mendes or Fergie? I mean Fergie with JOSH DUHAMEL? If you know how bad the movie Turistas was you'll know what I mean. Besides you can't get any better than Eva Mendes in my book.
Jinx Jinx 10 years
I doubt JT will touch Britney with a ten foot pole anymore. I think it would be career suicide for him if he did. ------------------------------------------------------ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. — Albert Einstein
DeaconP DeaconP 10 years
mmtoto mmtoto 10 years
before when he dated britney, they were the cutest couple ever! they should get back together.
ChanelLover ChanelLover 10 years
He should be with Britney... maybe it'll help her get her act together and make a comeback.
Aggie Aggie 10 years
What do you think about Elena Anaya, the woman in the "SexyBack" video? ______________________________________ \Don't chase the beat of your heart/
BBDancer BBDancer 10 years
Britney, it seems like after they split their lives have been rocky. They evened each other out.
Jinx Jinx 10 years
lol Mar, hey the way Kate's been acting she might go for it! ------------------------------------------------------ Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. — Albert Einstein
kalisons2 kalisons2 10 years
I KNEW it!!! Didnt they just purchase a home in Hawaii together??? He should stay single for a while... ~~~~~~~~~***~~~~~~~~~ kitten with a whip...
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
Hmmmm...Justin seems to have too much class for Britney now. I'll believe the JT/CD split when their reps confirm it!
serena serena 10 years
sugar_bear sugar_bear 10 years
Isn't Rachel Bilson single now? I vote Rachel! :)
sugar_bear sugar_bear 10 years
Paris! lol Just joking! ;)
theastew theastew 10 years
RACHEL BILSON!!! -although I still think adam and rachel are like meant to be. But then they still make a good couple (even if she's a bit short) BOTH OF THEM ARE SINGLE ANYWAY!
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
im with aggie, pick me! i know he thinks you're fine and stuff but does he know how to wind you up?
andrea3414 andrea3414 10 years
How about Jamie Lynn Sigler - they would be a beautiful couple!
Neural Neural 10 years
popculture-whore popculture-whore 10 years
i dunno. i think cameron and justin are still together. i really REALLY doubt justin would ever get back with britney. i think it's clear he's over her, and he doesn't seem at all interested
saavedra saavedra 10 years
I think Brittany and Justin deserve eachother actually. Ick and Ack.
pink_magnetism pink_magnetism 10 years
I voted Scarlett. If Britney cleans herself up a bit he could get back with Brit but she's a bit trashy at the moment. I just thought of another suggestion. What about Mandy Moore?
Imabeliever Imabeliever 10 years
If he dared to lower himself by going back to Brit or dumpster diving into Paris, Lohan or either Simpson sister.. I will be done with him. I would rather see him with Patty the daytime hooker on My Name is Earl.
lillie lillie 10 years
Rachel & JT would be awfully weird. JT's personality is more public, while Rachel likes her relationship more private. I'm still rooting for her and Adam!!!
lillie lillie 10 years
I voted Britney, I always found chemistry between them. But also, I think he should enjoy the time being single, then date her. He needs time to mourn over Cam, it's healthy. It's his decision if he wants to date Brit, but I advise him: Please, no party girls!
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