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Who Would You Most Like to See Guest Judge American Idol?

American Idol auditions are underway and while we've already seen Victoria Beckham step in as a guest judge in two locations, the producers are looking to fill Paula's shoes with a series of female pop stars. Today Joe Simpson shot down rumors that Jessica was angling for a spot, but it got us thinking about some other ladies we'd like to see in the empty seat. Katy Perry is signed up with promises of more to come but tell us — who would you like to see on American Idol?

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nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
P ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
S ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
Y ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
E ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
N ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
T ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
I ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
R ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
B ☆
nkahdiowo nkahdiowo 7 years
puff this is so easy, obviously the biggest artist of the decade acording to critics and not by fans dreams, THE LEGENDARY MISS BRITNEY SPEARS!!! Since 1998 she's the one and the only pop young legend in this world and we love her so much, she's the best, she's rocks the pop music and rules our world ;) all know that she's BRITNEY, bitch3s! ;)
nkahsia79 nkahsia79 7 years
haha like always Brit's kicking asses lol, I love this woman and the world too, she's really amazing, the biggest pop icon of our generation and it's true, not only gossip of fan the experts know that Britney was the factor that wake up the female pop since the last decade of century and she's still on the top ! BRITNEY THE REAL YOUNG LEGEND! not only fan dreams oops sorry to the other artist fans ;) BRITNEY THE FIRST NOW AND EVER YALL
jessicania20 jessicania20 7 years
CHRISTINA AGUILERA of course DUH!! she is so talented and can really talk in a professional way :D
nahwiwk nahwiwk 7 years
baywiqol baywiqol 7 years
Brit is a biggest American Idol I love u miz BS :) keep doing well baby !
pre3cck0 pre3cck0 7 years
like always Britney's at the top, love this woman, she's incrediblefully so far my fav at the favorite pop singer in all world Go queen B!
XxanacondaxX XxanacondaxX 7 years
mama Brit of curse she's so adorable and gorgeous ♥
tweentygirl tweentygirl 7 years
is easy because only Britney make me feel amazing with her music, she's my diva, my idol. she's our QueeNEY! Louve U miz Spears you rules beacuse you're the best =)
haylopemi haylopemi 7 years
the legendary miz Britney Spears :)
alfa913 alfa913 7 years
Pop Mama Brit Brit or Super Diva Mimi
twittergirl twittergirl 7 years
haha Brit's kicking ass like always would be amazing see her on idol and I LOVE so much that Gwen will be invite to the program to, Love this girls, they're the best of the best . ♥ BS & GS ♥
missundestand missundestand 7 years
the huracane Britney Spears is back better, hotter, more beautiful, sucessful and stronger than yesterday ;) love this BritBrit feeling ♥♥
nabeuqil nabeuqil 7 years
★B★R★I★T★N★E★Y★ she's amazing, the biggest pop icon of the decade, the most success pop singer and this is clear with her last single 3 on top of the charts yeah. It's obviously Queeney Rules babe and that's hot .....
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