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Celebrity Kids
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Who Is Your Favorite Celebrity Mom of 2007?

It's no secret that we love seeing our favorite celebrities out with their little ones from shopping excursions to sporting events to trips around the world. There are so many fabulous moms out there that balance their hectic life in the spotlight with family time, but we narrowed it down to just a few favorites. From Katie and stylish Suri to Victoria and her entourage of mini-Beckhams, we want to know — who is your favorite celeb mom of 2007?

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nandacavalieri nandacavalieri 9 years
Jen, Reese and Courteney Cox
insi insi 9 years
heidi klum - she has really big, pretty family
praying4them praying4them 9 years
I LOVE Ben&Jen,so my votes4 thier lovely family!!
Rnicolew Rnicolew 9 years
VB She really does show that just because you are a mother doesnt mean you have to look drab, and it really seems like she loves her family so much- I love that!
candice-meline candice-meline 9 years
I love Jennifer Garner, she's the best thing ever
lizzy51 lizzy51 9 years
I LOVE them!!! I can't get enough!
demeter demeter 9 years
Duh! They're my favorite pair! ♥
febe febe 9 years
am i the only person who picked Gwen and Kingston...i mean he's "hella" cute. ;)
cocca cocca 9 years
i like reading about katie holmes... suri is just so adorable!
jaan_black jaan_black 9 years
kphmitten kphmitten 9 years
I chose VB, but it was hard because Heidi Klum is such an awesome mom, too!
lilflowa lilflowa 9 years
erm ashcwebb...Victoria has 3 cutiepie mini beckhams lol not 4 :p
lilflowa lilflowa 9 years
Victoria definetely.....then i would say Reese! Angelina has four lil kids by thats her shiz to need for admiration or for that to b seen as special to me...
Tari007 Tari007 9 years
Except for Victoria... I really love all of these moms. They are awesome and they seem to be very much into their kids.
pebbles2077 pebbles2077 9 years
jennifer garner for sure! who else do you see spending all of her time away from work with her daughter. you can tell shes genuine and loves being a mother. plus violet is sooo adorable!
ElectroPopTart ElectroPopTart 9 years
I would have picked MADONNA, but she wasn't on the list! So, I picked Victoria.
cheersdarlin916 cheersdarlin916 9 years
I love Katie and Angelina
rwfan rwfan 9 years
all the way for REESE WITHERSPOON :D
jaxon jaxon 9 years
I didn't vote. I'm with Tiabia, I would have picked Jada Pinkett-Smith
roxy17 roxy17 9 years
This IS a hard one! It was between Reese and Jennifer for me, but I picked Jennifer and Violet because I think they embody such a perfect mother/daughter relationship.
juliegal juliegal 9 years
BRITNEY for sure people!!!!!! lol..... i chose gwen/kingston...he's a rock and roll baby for cute!
Gabriela14815884 Gabriela14815884 9 years
I love so many of them! I choose Jen and Violet though, they are the cutest. I think Katie and Suri are adorable too.
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Victoria! She's hot, and has 4 boys, and is married to a soccer player, and spends TIME with her kids!
DoeADeer DoeADeer 9 years
I adore my mother, but I want to be just like Reese when I finally have children.
robins robins 9 years
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