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You've got the right dress, the right caterer, and the right location. Now you've just got to choose the right dishes, the right bakeware, the right towels . . . the list seems endless.

Fret not! Let Williams-Sonoma help and you could be the lucky winner of a KitchenAid Kitchen, including Williams-Sonoma's exclusive Professional 610 Stand Mixer in Nickel Pearl, the nine-speed hand mixer, and the five-speed blender. Just follow the three easy steps below and voilà! Your list could get a little shorter.

  1. Register with Williams-Sonoma's Wedding & Gift Registry using the same email you use for your TeamSugar account.
  2. Leave a comment telling us why you should win our KitchenAid Kitchen.
  3. Create your wedding registry with Williams-Sonoma before the contest deadline on May 15.
  4. Got friends who are also planning a wedding? Why not get a little friendly competition going? Spread the word about Williams-Sonoma's KitchenAid Kitchen contest and let the games begin!

    Official Rules

    *For purposes of the rules of the contest, following the steps above constitutes the ‘quiz’ required to enter.

annulla annulla 7 years
I should win the KitchenAid Kitchen because, although I love to cook, my own kitchen equipment is sadly inadequate and outdated. I need these gorgeous KitchenAid appliances in order to prepare the dishes I'd most like to make. And if you pick me, I'll send you some of my home made cookies. :)
tarpail tarpail 7 years
this would be nice
tot1 tot1 7 years
My Story is a little different!!! My husband to be & I lived together for 21 years. We raised my 2 daughters & a niece. On Christmas of our ten years together, he proposed to me & said when ever your ready, as I was the gun shy one. So I set a date for Aug., 25th 1999. Five years in the future, my coworkers thought I was nuts. I said I believe in long Engagements :) My coworkers started planning this & planning that, I went home & said we have to go to the coast & stand on the beach, because all I could see was Dollar Signs. We both worked full time at our jobs, plus all the over time we could get & had our own small cleaning business every evening & weekend as a team, doctors office, pt off., & Southern Or., Child Service. In 1995 my youngest daughter went off to Collage & the same month we brought in my mother, from a mental hospital in Ca., where all her children who were raised by her lived, I was raised by my grandmother & assumed one of them would take her in, they all where doing much better off then we where. But she had no assets left & they where to busy, two of my half sisters where getting remarried. OK..Getting off track! In 1997 I found out I had to go on Chemo from Jan 2001-2. So I put off the wedding! I will have to go back on it next summer, but only for 6 months this time..I am Blessed to still be alive & I credit Geoff. In 2005 we planned a very small wedding, and a potluck style gathering for a few friends on our porch. Sense we had been together for 21 years, we thought it best not to ask for gifts, but did receive beautiful hand made pillows from my best gal pal. We had my two daughters, wonderful son in law, grandson & mother there. We went to this beautiful Cabin that night with a hot tub, never used & just sat there & talked.. You see, Geoff's father had just died at 65 & our 16 year old best friend Rico, our beloved dog, died 10 days before we where married. When ever we went any where, he went with us. The whole day just did not feel right. But at 21 years we where married & come June 19., thats the day we met in 84 & call our real anniv., we will have been together 26 years & married for 5 in Aug. I don't want to win this for me, my partner, now husband is the cook, cleaner, & caretaker of myself & my 70 year old mother. He loves your KitchenAid appliances. If we could have afforded it we would have stock in KitchenAid, no kidding! As a matter of fact he buys me (really for him) a new item every Christmas, my birthday, & if you can believe this, mothers day, not my birthday, 3 weeks prior. He's funny, but he has never been able to afford the set that you have in the contest. Or the larger more expensive items sense he had to work part time & take care of us. We have the coffee pot, pots & pans set, all the little gadgets, spice rack & butcher block set. I want a chance to win this for a man, who saved my life, by forcing me to eat, when the chemo made it impossible, for taking care of my mother & Never receiving a Thank, or expecting one from mom's bio., siblings. We would like to renew our vows, but are not sure when. Maybe at 30 years! If I could I would buy these items. I feel guilty in a sense, as a young newly wed couple is whats this is all about, but we ARE still Newlyweds. Sincerely tot
phyllisg phyllisg 7 years
These appliances will make my life easier. When I save up for a dough mixer emergencies take the money away.
oukalocka oukalocka 7 years
I need to win this contest because i am disabled and have been since 1986,what little i make soc. sec, i can't buy anyreplacements and every thing is worn out and gone a long time ago. You would not believe how we live.PHIL
aaw234 aaw234 7 years
I should win your KitchenAid Kitchen because all of my small kitchen appliances were purchased at a thrift store back in the late 1990s. They're old, but they're hanging on.
oukalocka oukalocka 7 years
I would love to have a kitchen my wife would be proud of, this is for a deserving WIFE. phil
ragtag42 ragtag42 7 years
I would love to win the kitchen aid kitchen I have a connective tissue disease and this would help me so much with the preparing meals for my family. Wish me luck
jcaison123 jcaison123 7 years
What a fabulous prize! I need new a new kitchen desperately. I hope to win this one. Good luck to all.
sherry7664 sherry7664 7 years
I would really love to win this and we could certainly use it. It would be such a big help to us. We never received a mixer for our wedding and I always did without one for many years. Someone found out I didn't have one and gave me a hand mixer for Christmas one year but it finally broke. In February 2010 we will be celebrating our 29th wedding anniversary. I have multiple types of arthritis and related disorders and injuries which have really interfered with my ability to cook over the years, especially mixing & stirring batters and ingredients, chopping foods, etc.. My husband, after having had a heart attack in November (his 3rd), said he was having a lot of trouble mixing ingredients together and it really tires him out really fast now. We help each other out where we can, but this prize would be a huge help to us in the kitchen.
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