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The Worst Thing to Happen to Laguna Beach

Casey, the new girl, is totally ridiculous. Thankfully her scenes are minimal. Check out this photo below. All I can think about is how this girl is destined to become a porn star.

After last nights episode I just kept thinking poor Jessica. Even though she was getting annoying with Jason in the limo, I still feel bad for her. It made no sense for Jason to go to the dance with Alex when he had a girlfriend. That's just wrong. Now he is obviously going to end up with Alex. However, the only LB love triangle I really care about is the Stephen, LC and Kristin.

Oh the drama. Even though LB claims to be reality, it clearly is very scripted to a certain extent....and we're fine with that. Especially since The OC is not on for another 16 days. Sorry, but Stephen is no Seth and Kristin is no Summer.

On a side note, I would like to thank MTV for including subtitles in last nights episode. Also it really does help that MTV keeps including everyones name each time they are on the screen. Really, it is super helpful so Thanks MTV.

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