A new Red Bull has emerged, and it is called Cocaine. The company claims to be against drugs and yet asks if customers can "handle the rush?" We were wondering who their spokesperson would be and figured Lindsay Lohan would be the most appropriate fit. She's too young to drink, yet she always seems high, so maybe this "legal cocaine" will help LL more than whatever she is on now. Apparently the drink made its debut last week at Fashion Week—makes sense—and supposedly tastes like a cherry Jolly Rancher. Here's more:

The drink's maker maintains that "doing Cocaine"—the beverage, that is—gives you a bigger and better high without the crash that other energy drinks cause.

They say a high hits you within five minutes, followed by a caffeine boost 15 minutes later. But hold on—the ride lasts five hours and the concoction is "350 percent stronger than Red Bull," they claim.

They argue that the effect is part chemical—this drink uses "simple" sugars that don't need to be broken down by the body to create a sugar buzz, and a much larger dose of vitamin B12—and part psychological.

Lots more pics of LL and her new wrist cast so