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Robert Pattinson chilled with a lady friend last night after stealing the spotlight at the amfAR bash in Cannes by raising $40,000 for AIDS research — through selling kisses! Two bidders at the party spent about $20,000 each to have their daughters get pecks on the cheek from the Twilight star. We know there are lots of Robert fans around here, so this raises the question — would you pay to be kissed by him?

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meg5790 meg5790 8 years
he's definitely a cutie but come on babe-smoking? he won't be cute for long if he keeps that habit up! i don't think i wanna pay to be kissed by an ashtray lol
patchouli patchouli 8 years
LOL at Nadia24gv comment! Why all the fuss over him appearing 'gross' I don't think he does, I think his publicist is trying to make him appear 'James Dean-ish' so the cigarette is a thing, plus I was under the impression that actors/actresses get paid money for smoking, from the cigarette companies, at least this was during the earlier years of Hollywood, they would pay the stars extra money, like Humphrey Bogart, and the likes.....
Booties Booties 8 years
OMG it would be a kiss of a lifetime! Every one has their opinion of love or hate but he is a very accomplished person. Have you hear him play "The Meadow"? Which he composed himself? It is precious! That is an accomplishment in itself. I hope that he releases the full song "Let Me Sign" an possibly an album. Which would go very well now do to his popularity, but who knows it might be on of the song of a lifetime!
MaCeYk MaCeYk 8 years
btw to the haters... dont be dissing people to ur perfect and i would(if i had the money) donate.. cz its going to the charity where pple have aids. i mean how would u feel if u had aids.. and robs a great guy to be helping out, im sure if them girls ddnt get a kiss from rob they wldnt of donated
MaCeYk MaCeYk 8 years
gawsh!!! whats with all the haters!!! I'm sure robs a great guy and just judging him with his looks and cz he smokes is just kinda sad.. i mean u sit on your bum on a comp and dis people while people with a life (rob) get out there and and try to make the best of things.. i mean so what if he smokes its his decision and quite frankly a bunch of haters ain't gonna stop that..
olikandy olikandy 8 years
well it does go to a good cause. but my boyfriend will mind. well a little peck wont hurt. but unfortunelly (sory if misspelles i'm not good in english) i don't have enough money. if only he did'nt smoke then he'd be perfect. p.s. love his personality
lannielou8 lannielou8 8 years
id give it a try.. why not =)..
lannielou8 lannielou8 8 years
id give i try =)...
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
NO - I'd slick talk him, drug him and have my way with him for free and I dare him to call the police lmao....hollywood people smoke b/c they think they have stress, plus they're on something most of the time and when I used to be on something, I smoked like a chimney too
buffybot buffybot 8 years
he looks so handsome when he's happy like that. I love seeing him smile big. Much better then thinking he's unhappy all the time. Second of all its for charity people. Thats why they paid so much, not because it's "worth" that but because its a reward for giving and being generous and i bet their daughters thought it was worth every cent.
chile68 chile68 8 years
Definitely YESSSSSS!!!! specially if it is for a good cause. He was absolutely very charming and a good sport. Do not really care he smokes or not, everybody including me has done things we are not proud of. Let him be. HE IS ADORABLE!!!
PopDiva24 PopDiva24 8 years
If I had money I might, but ONLY because it's going towards a great cause. How cute and awkward was the video of the auction? I could care less if he smokes. He's beautiful.
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