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Would You Want to See Justin and Jessica Work Together?

Jessica Biel's been making the rounds promoting Easy Virtue and she recently chatted with Parade magazine about her relationship with Justin Timberlake possibly starring in a movie with him. She said, "If it was the right thing, yeah. I would love to co-star with Justin. I just don't know what the right thing is, though." We've seen couples both successfully and unsuccessfully take on projects together, but would you be interested in seeing JT and Jessica collaborate?


jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
yes - they should work together but on a baby, not a movie
wicca_08 wicca_08 8 years
Yes, I would like to see them both, but I don't believe they have talents, especially Justin.
july99 july99 8 years
Not only is Jessica not likable, but she isn't fooling anybody with this relationship.
lizlee89 lizlee89 8 years
doing what? neither of them have any talent whatsoever...
minze minze 8 years
Jessica's just not likable. It's so sad she embarrassed herself in Allure. It just makes it worse.
mouldy mouldy 8 years
i rather see timberlake than biel. she can't act for nuts, she's just known for her booty. i cringed when i watched her in the illusionist, i was so happy when her character died for a bit.
ana-isabel ana-isabel 8 years
I wouldn't want to see either of them in a movie together or not.
hillamaria hillamaria 8 years
I'd rather see Biel solo than with Justin, I really can't stand him.
snowysakurasky snowysakurasky 8 years
7th heaven is a very lame show! otherwise, what is she famous for acting in?
azh azh 8 years
what chemistry????
nygurl nygurl 8 years
no thank you.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 8 years
:D I'm just glad she and I are nothing at all alike. I thought I was the only one who thought ^^^ that way. LOL
sage-green sage-green 8 years
HECK NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she comes across as a very boring person to talk to even doing a interview it looks as though she wants some else speak for her
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i think that it would be a MISS for them to be in the same movie. her career acting wise is better than his and that's not saying much, so i hope that they don't go down that road
darlene darlene 8 years
ManiMartinixo ManiMartinixo 8 years
I haven't liked her since her days on 7th Heaven and I think Justin should stick to music. Not everyone can be good at everything, or anything for that matter.
Le_silla Le_silla 8 years
don't want to see either of them brrrrr
Aurora-87 Aurora-87 8 years
No way. Justin is not a good actor. He is better at doing SNL than being in movies. And Jessica is just a terrible actress. I cant see anything like this turning out good.
BethM BethM 8 years
Not me.
MacDre MacDre 8 years
Anything with Jessica Biel in it is a disaster waiting to happen.
arrowstraite arrowstraite 8 years
Considering the success of their movies combined, I'd say they make a perfect match to be in a movie together.
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