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Would You Watch ER If Clooney Came Back?

We've heard a lot of back and forth on whether or not George Clooney will return to ER for an appearance in the final season, and apparently it's still up in the air. The topic was brought up again at the TCAs this week, with executive producer John Wells weighing in. He said, "George is very busy, he’s very handsome and he’s just finishing up in PR on a film. We’ve talked about it a couple of times. He’s George, we’ll be shooting down there if he comes by and wants to do something we’ll do something. George loves practical jokes, so who knows." So tell us — would you watch ER if Clooney came back?


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nutrihuney nutrihuney 8 years
i have really enjoyed seeing all the old characters return for their visits this season. I would love to see them write in a visit with Dr. Ross, Nurse Hathaway and the twins!
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
i haven't watched ER in ages, but i think that if clooney did come back, i'd at least watch the episodes that he was in. he made the show more 'controversial' at the time since he was more of a player and did 'reckless' things in the hospital which often proved to be successful. i just wish that it would mean that julianna would be back as well.
SpeakLike-aChild SpeakLike-aChild 8 years
I wasn't a fan of his charatcer but I'd like to see him there again, and to hear about the twins. La Heidi: I used to watch ER and enjoyed it when I was a teenager. Grey's anatomy is for teenagers? I thought it was for older people, I guess it's because I've never seen it.
willowdiamond willowdiamond 8 years
um, I already watch ER and it's great without him.
hills hills 8 years
number 1 i'm a teenager and i lv it! i wasn't allowed to watch it when george and carter, mark and all the best cast were on...but its fab, its such a brilliant show....really sad its finishing....
Candice80 Candice80 8 years
As much as I like seeing George, I don't think he should go back. He moved on and so did the show. He should just stick to films and not return into a past role despite the fact that it made him famous.
Jatra Jatra 8 years
I love George but it's over I would not go back and watch that show. He should never go back. The show should just go.
talie talie 8 years
clooney was the only best thing in that show and i never watched the show after he left and i'll be watching it with him in it.
purpleisafruit purpleisafruit 8 years
My word I would. He was the best character on that show.
NurseKimberly NurseKimberly 8 years
Sarana Sarana 8 years
Haven't watched ER in years, but I'd watch the Clooney ep, Carol would also have to be there!
Cathe-Hardy Cathe-Hardy 8 years
Yes Yes!!..I love E.R..but I'll love it even more with George!
wickedcupofjoe wickedcupofjoe 8 years
I haven't watched in years, but it's sorta sad that it's ending. I was a faithful watcher from my junior year in HS until I was about 22. Then I just lost interest.
cleegiants cleegiants 8 years
okay, i sound like i don't know anything...but i know he was on the show. i just wish that guest stars would actually bring something to the show, rather than just using them for the name. i realize everybody loves clooney, so i think his appearance would totally be for the fans, which given the end of the show would be understandable.
cleegiants cleegiants 8 years
i don't watch ER at all, how would george clooney's role fit in?
tvjunkie45 tvjunkie45 8 years
Only if Julianna Margulies came back as well, it was never the same after the two of them left. Now I'm all nostalgic for the good old days of ER.
clooneywoman clooneywoman 8 years
i never seen ER after Carol left , so i am over ER 4 a long time ago , besides am a teen and sticked to Grey's.. more but if George decided to come back , i am all 4 this long waited episode.
Frida83 Frida83 8 years
Well, I'm still watching E.R. It's still good, but obviously not the same as before. I'd love it if George came back though.
stephley stephley 8 years
I thought this season was going to tie in the old characters and would have preferred that to randomly seeing old faces pop up - but I'd watch George do traffic reports, so if they have him, I'll be there.
SKC-Sparkle SKC-Sparkle 8 years
Come back George - you need to give ER the send off it deserves!
amofoz amofoz 8 years
"He's very handsome" ? That was kinda out of nowhere and hilarious.
Lovestory Lovestory 8 years
Nope, ER had a very good run. And now its time to retirer the show. Good Luck!
mammameof3 mammameof3 8 years
Yes, bring Clooney back for one last hurrah on ER. Face it George, you can credit ER for boosting you to a movie career, not Facts of Life...payback time.
La-Heidi La-Heidi 8 years
i'd rather stick to my grey's anatomy. besides, ER is not 4 teenagers like i am, atleast thats what i think
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