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Are You Excited to See Kristen Stewart in a New Role?

Kristen Stewart was back to rehearsing for The Runaways yesterday, trying to discretely sneak a cigarette during a break. We've seen lots of her making her way to and from the set, as well as her new dramatic Joan Jett makeover. While Kristen has been acting since she was just a kid, she's most famous for her role as Bella in Twilight. It's a character that many people hold near and dear to their hearts, so it might be difficult to envision Kristen playing someone new. So, tell us — are you excited to see her in a new role?

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twiluver twiluver 8 years
I like Kristen Stewart but must she smoke? I find that really disguisting and that whole pipe smoking picture was....whoa! She always looks high and beat. I think she just needs to lay low for awhile and chill. She clearly can't handle the fame. I hope she pulls through it.
bonniebonnie bonniebonnie 8 years
I'm just not interested in watching her act. Also, I don't think her or Dakota Fanning can pull off being Joan Jett and Cherie Currie.
jaan_black jaan_black 8 years
she's Bella to me, which means Bella's not really clumsy n shy but stoned and creepy...and I love it so whatever
PopDiva24 PopDiva24 8 years
She will never "always be Bella to me" because she never was in my mind. She was terrible in the role and just horribly cast.
addictCLOTHES addictCLOTHES 8 years
Oh, and in true style of a fifteen-year-old, Kristen's acting sucks. She doesn't really ever seem to loose herself in a role. I never see the character, I just see Kristen.
addictCLOTHES addictCLOTHES 8 years
RP Fan, I agree completely. You're in the public eye Kristen, you're a role model to all these random women and young girls across the country defending you. Smoking, doing drugs is, bluntly, stupid. I agree that she's grown up to quickly in this environment and thinks she's invincible. You're all right, those who have said that I don't know her. But I've seen some pretty hard hitting evidence, smoking pot out in broad daylight, drinking abroad, smoking cigs, partying, staying out late. You think she's overworked, it's the result of her lifestyle after all the working. I hate today's "It-Girls" most of them don't know or seem to understand what a public image is. Grow up for Christ's sake. The bitchy attitude and indifference has gotten old and left some wondering why you're so popular. I don't understand the attraction anyone, including Robert Pattinson who is supposedly "intellectual", can have with her.
badz badz 8 years
come on.. We know that Kristen is a talented actress. She is the reason why i watched twilight, she did it very well. And I saw her other movies.. She is good and great actress.. So haters.. Just Back-off!!..
daise daise 8 years
I absolutely second no. 18 - Also, I don't think that Kristen has a 'pot face' - some of you may laugh at this but she's had that face forever...Please go watch some of her other movies before you judge. I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it - Twilight's not supposed to be movie magic - it's a tweenie book for God's sake!
MuppetsForDinner MuppetsForDinner 8 years
I agree... see Into the Wild or Speak and you'll think differently about Kristen. Twilight was an awful screenplay and the acting was poor. Can't wait for something else.
Debie Debie 8 years
Go Kristen! Love ya :)
missashleem missashleem 8 years
wow, that Florida BITCH person posted like, a novel. The post we're commenting on is called ARE YOU EXCITED TO SEE KRISTEN STEWART IN A NEW ROLE? Which means they are just asking our opinion... lol... are you or aren't you excited to see her? Some of us aren't... some are... so I'm not sure why we all have to go to hell if we don't happen to like her Florida BITCH... u should relax :)
mediaddict000 mediaddict000 8 years
I'm not really a fan of her and I didn't really like her in Twilight, so I don't care about her getting other roles. More power to her, if someone wants to hire her, but she won't be much of a draw for me.
beeshop beeshop 8 years
its laughable to see some women really jealous of this talented beautiful girl......Im aware of druggie Stewart and I hope she quits.
yokwe yokwe 8 years
WTF, all the haters just go to hell where u come from. Girls who says bad things about KS are just jealous because she's beautiful and talented.RP is inlove with her and not you uglies.
zoinks zoinks 8 years
I like her but, she has not shown herself to be a very good actress thus far. She really needs to loosen up a little. She is always so stiff.
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