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Are You Happy Angelina Investigated Her Pony-Hair Bag Before Buying?

Angelina Jolie was spotted carrying a new pony-hair bag from Akris while out with her kids in Venice over the weekend, and the actress apparently did her due diligence before deciding to make it part of her wardrobe. Her stylist called the company to make sure that the horses were treated well as Angelina was concerned. Akris's designer Albert Kriemler told WWD, "We told her horses get haircuts just like we do." Angelina is well known for her charity work, but she's not a well-known advocate for animals like many other stars. Tell us — are you happy Angelina investigated her bag before buying?

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SandyFeet SandyFeet 7 years
It is so obviously that most of you did not read the article from WWD or else you would not have posted most of these delusional comments. The only thing you saw was Angelina's name that gave you an opening bash her once again. Angelina's STYLIST called Akris located in Switzerland and inquired about the handbag. It is always about chasing the money Akris and WWD do it well. This not and Angelina post is an Akris post.
EmilieLove EmilieLove 7 years
I think that it's nice that Angelina does this, but I don't understand why a press release comes out every time she does something vaguely humane. Also, I'd be more impressed if, regardless of her research into how the horses were treated, she'd gone for a bag completely made out of non-animal materials. I think that the horse probably needs its hair more than she needs that bag.
Lyllie Lyllie 7 years
Wow people hate her so much that they didn't bother to read the story. The purse is made of horse hair (mane, tail) not the hides. No horses were killed. The designer gave an interview NOT Angelina. So the mediawh*re comments are unneccessary. Also why is this a story? The haters obviously care so they can bash her but this is a lame story.
Haters Haters 7 years
Angelina doesn't have a publicist...she doesn't need attention. She is the highest paid actress in hollywood and she gets to work with all the big name directors and actors. Popsugar is reporting this and I doubt it if they actually get this information from Angelina's people. Again, stop with your bitterness about Angelina! I understand, she is beautiful, successful, has a beautiful family---life is not fair!
Frida83 Frida83 7 years
I think it's great that she's thinking about how animals are being treated before buying anything. Why would that be a bad thing?
cupcakers cupcakers 7 years
why is this news
mandola mandola 7 years
We have to thin out our horse's tails, and my horse has a massive amount of hair so I could easily take out at least one three foot long, thick pony tail(no pun intended) without anyone even being able to tell. A lot of people, esp in Europe, dock their horse's tails(cut the hair off under the tail bone--no flesh cutting like in dogs). A large population of polo ponies have docked tails, as do horses who work in harness so they it doesn't get tangled. The horses really don't care--promise.
Haters Haters 7 years
Ignore the stupid haters - go to Maniston's thread to post and comment on her 20th boyfriend and the Oscar she will receive for her latest movie because it shows that she has incredible acting skills. Please leave Angelina and her family alone!
wingedkiare wingedkiare 7 years
To the first poster- I'm glad she checked it out. Leather goods do go hand in hand with the meat industry. While this is true for cows, there aren't many nations that slaughter ponies. To whomever doubted it's woven hair- it is! Akris has used it extensively in their collections- no pony attached to it.
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