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Are You on Team Mark or Team Andy?

A few weeks ago on SNL, Andy Samberg did his best Mark Wahlberg impression in a sketch called "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals." Now that Mark's been making the promotional rounds for Max Payne, everyone wants to know what he thinks of Andy's performance, but Mark doesn't seem to think the skit was very funny. Watch the clip below from last night's Jimmy Kimmel and tell us — are you on Team Mark or Team Andy?

blusugie blusugie 8 years
both. the sketch they did on snl was hilarious.
anorthan anorthan 9 years
I couldn't tell was he joking??? I LOVE Mark Wahlberg but if he was serious that's kinda lame- so was SNL skit- although Andy did sound just like him!
Tassie Tassie 9 years
Andy wasn't that funny, Mark was joking, and was over-reacting to be just the way Andy was playing him. It would not have been funny if Mark just said "yeah, he's a funny guy", that's not what is expected of him on Kimmel. I'm just surprised everyone thinks he was serious.
psterling psterling 9 years
Other public figures have been skewered worse! MW needs to lighten up!
holysnap holysnap 9 years
Andy all the way! "now i'm gonna go talk to a donkey!" LMAO!
Frida83 Frida83 9 years
Are you kidding me? He's so OBVIOUSLY joking!
arcticpuppet arcticpuppet 9 years
This is so funny! I loved the skit and loved Mark's reaction. I think he is taking it a little too seriously, but I think he's joking as well. Team Mark!
sushibananas sushibananas 9 years
You can easily find the entire interview on You Tube. It's WAY clear that Mark is joking. He even ends the interview with Jimmy by saying, "Say hello to your mother for me." If you watch just this short clip Pop has provided, it's a bit out of context. The man is joking. He's got a dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Sorry to post a 3rd time, but I'm baffled how people aren't picking up that Mark is making fun of the situation....
wicca_08 wicca_08 9 years
go marky mark!
AccordingtoTalia AccordingtoTalia 9 years
Team Andy! Come on, have a sense of humor! Andy's job is to make fun of people, and SNL has been around forever doing just that. Getting personal with the "big nose" comment showed no class, dude. I love you in your Calvins, but chill, will ya?
ang1885 ang1885 9 years
It's SNL!!!! I don't understand why it's such a big deal.
Sc0rpi0WithAHalo Sc0rpi0WithAHalo 9 years
Someone asked me how about his attempted his biography or even watch Inside the Actor's Studio with Mark Walberg. When this guy gets mad...forget it. He went to jail so many times including attempted murder on a Chinese Man. He said racist remarks to him as well.
karmasabitch karmasabitch 9 years
Hahahahahaha I think its hilarious that he got so riled up about it.. that biznitch has no sense of humor :rotfl:
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 9 years
Team Andy. I like Mark however he needs to chill out.
bag100 bag100 9 years
Eh...Mark just always seems pissed off about something...even in his movies, I just get a sense that he's pissed off, no matter what he's doing. He needs to just get over it, laugh at himself, and move on. More important people than him have been spoofed many times over. He should consider it a form of flattery.
sahakehau sahakehau 9 years
team mark! i think he's adorable & i don't think he's being serious at all. lol
californiagirlx7 californiagirlx7 9 years
I said Team Andy, because I don't think Andy should be necessarily at fault. It just wasn't a funny skit, but SNL hasn't been funny in a long time. SNL makes fun of celebrities every day, I don't know why Mark takes it so personally. I hope he was joking about the violence thing...otherwise he needs anger management.
pargie pargie 9 years
Mark was poking fun at himself, I think. He was funnier than the skit, but the skit made me chuckle too. Loves me some Marky Mark!
Black-Velveteen Black-Velveteen 9 years
I have to agree with most of you, Mark needs to ease up on the attitude a bit. It's SNL, for god's sake. They make fun of everyone! Sc0rpi0WithAHalo said: 'And I don't think hes joking because Mark has went to jail for attempted murder.' Attempted murder? When was this? :ponder:
RoyalBlueMoss RoyalBlueMoss 9 years
regardless whether the skit was funny or not mark is being uptight and taking himself way too seriously. It doesn't matter if the skit was funny or stupid. Mark needs to relax.
haylscomet23 haylscomet23 9 years
andy samberg is hilarious and adorable. i love him. mark wahlberg is cool too, but he needs to chill out and stop taking himself so seriously
hotchilio hotchilio 9 years
Team Andy that was a hilarious sketch and Wahlberg is a moron for making such a stink about it..he's been complaining about it over and over again on all the junket he's doing for his latest god-awful movie and I'm sick of him...Love his work but this confirms that the stories of him being a jerk are true!
dallastarzz dallastarzz 9 years
Mark needs to just relax. Life is good for him. I love Andy and his zany SNL digital shorts. Mark was on Ellen and he was just as serious as he was on Kimmel and the Today show. He needs a drink. lol
Lovestory Lovestory 9 years
I think the SNL thing was funny in some parts. Mark needs to get over it. All the bitchin' in the world isn't going to undo the skit. So he needs to move on with his life.
lovely2190 lovely2190 9 years
plus i loooove mark!!! <333 boston boys!!
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