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Your Predictions for 2007

As 2006 comes to a close we asked you what the new year will bring. Some of you were very positive predicting weight gain for Nicole Richie, a huge come back for Britney and more celebrity babies (and this was before we even knew about Julia Roberts being pregnant). Some of you are still hoping JT and Britney will be a Pop power couple in 2007 while others think Angelina will be over Brad and on to someone new. Who knows what's in store for us but we love to think about it. So what do you think will happen in 2007?

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purpleisafruit purpleisafruit 10 years
I reckon LL will make a serious effort at getting that Oscar she wants. I think Brangelina will stick together (well, at least for 2007). And, yeah, I reckon they'll get hitched. BritBrit will make somewhat of a comeback (how successful it is depends on the album and whether she can keep her crotch covered more regularly). medicgirl: After seeing how brave their band-mate is, all the other Pussycat Dolls will admit they're really men too. Calling it quits: Denise and Richie, Nicole and Joel and (this one's controversial)...Vanessa and Nick. *Gasp!*
BlondeSugar BlondeSugar 10 years
I'm agreeing with GolferGirl on her predictions bc I am too lazy/not creative enough to think of my own and hers sounded on point.
Beautifulbarbie Beautifulbarbie 10 years
Jennifer Aniston will marry. LL will stop her partying.
medicgirl medicgirl 10 years
*The redheaded Pussy Cat Doll will admit she is in fact...a man
Midnightkiss4u09 Midnightkiss4u09 10 years
I think Angie and Brad will have more children. I agree with jk boogie, JA will be in rehab. Brad and Angelina will get married.
JK-Boogie JK-Boogie 10 years
Ryan Seacreast will announce he is gay Leona Lewis will have a world number 1 hit The Beckham will move to LA Victoria Beckham will announce she is pregnant and have a girl JLo will also have a baby Britney will not make a comeback Whitney will make a fabulous comeback Brad and Angelina will get married Jennifer Aniston will admit herself in rehab as she can no longer cope on her own Paris will marry and divorce that greek guy Lindsay Lohan will re-enter rehab
gossipluver13 gossipluver13 10 years
heres mine *paris will fight with more people *nicole will gain weight and get back with d.j am *keith will finaly get out of rehab *nick will propose to vanessa *britney gets her career back and also get a hotter guy *brad and angie will get married thats about it
samborasdoll samborasdoll 10 years
more thoughts... i think bragelina will stay together and adopts more babies. i don't think keith urban will stay sober or married for long. more divorces because celebs don't take marriage seriously. brittney's fading star will disappear.
lillie lillie 10 years
*I think that Nicole Kidman will dump/divorce Keith Urban. *Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson will get back together. *Mischa Barton will dump Cisco. *Angelina will dump Brad for someone new. *Jen will overcome her misery and be happy. *The Olsen Twins will continue to rotate men. *Nicole Richie will has successful weight-gain and a better future. *Lindsay Lohan will stick to her rehab and lose her alcoholic image. *Britney Spears and JT will become a couple (I hope) *Guy and Madonna are through. *Victoria Becdkham and David split. ;)
Aggie Aggie 10 years
*I don't think Brad and Angie will break up.. But they will adopt another kiddo.. *Paris will probably marry someone while she's drunk and the day after regret it and call it off! xD *Peter and Kate will get married and be drug pals for a while, and split up. Kate will be all "Oooh, I didn't know what I was doing.. But for my own best, and my daughters of course, I took the decision to brake up" And we will all be "Doooh! El stupido!" *Someone will have a break-down, probably one of the "skeletons". *Katie Cruise will have another baby, and so will Posh. Posh will finally get the little girl both she and Becks have been waiting for. *One of our favorite couples will get together again. *Britney will succeed and be loved again, despite all. *Cameron and JT will brake up. JT will be the one that brakes up with Cameron. *Someone from the young Hollywood will die! xD That's how much I have ^^ ______________________________________ \Don't chase the beat of your heart/
Cycy Cycy 10 years
Nicole Richie and Joel Madden will break up. Hilary Duff will hook up with a new hottie Paris and Niarchos won't be dating at the end of the year. Lindsay Lohan will transfer addictions from alcohol to something else. Mary Kate relapses - in a major way. Britney will try to revive her spiralling career, and suceed for a while. Justin will publicly declare support for Britney Knowledge about the miracle conception of Tomkitten (Suri Cruise) will finally hit the newstands and shock many. Julia Roberts gets a little, healthy baby girl. The Popsugar empire grows even larger :-)
Luna13 Luna13 10 years
i think brad and angie will break up its only a matter of time. jen aniston to hook up with mathew machonahey (if thats how u spell it) hmm jess simpson will find someone and settle down and be happy
brokenhalo brokenhalo 10 years
I'm going to bookmark this post, that way, at the end of next year, we can go back & see how many predictions came true! Hmmm, what do I see for the future? I don't necessarily want this all to happen, I just think it could! *Marriages; JT & Cameron, Eva & Tony, Beyonce & Jay-Z, Kate & Pete, Rachel & Ryan *Divorces; Guy & Madonna, Nicole & Keith (just a hunch), Kate & Pete (assuming they get married- it will never last!) *Katie Holmes' brainwashing will continue & she might get knocked up again *Paris will get engaged again, break it off, then go to rehab, along with Lindsey Lohan *Britney's comeback will fail dismally, she'll start drinking & drugging more & lose custody of her babies *Reese & Jen will both move on & have a relationship with a high-profile guy *Eva, Jlo, Kate M & Posh will all get pregnant *FedEx will mercifully fade into obscurity
OChottie OChottie 10 years
Wow GolferGirl, I really like what you said. Vanessa Manilo will dump Nick.
GolferGirl GolferGirl 10 years
Paris will have at least two engagements but no marriages. The Olsens, Paris, Lindsey & Nicole & Nicky will continue to rotate men. Lindsey will get her very own DUI and hopefully OD. Brad & Angelina will adopt again. A boy. Madonna & Guy will divorce. (hope not) I disagre, Jen-Jen will continue her pity-party. Unless Courtney & David break-up. Jennifer Hudson will win an Oscar and Beyonce will be pissed.
samborasdoll samborasdoll 10 years
2007 jen anniston will stop whining about brad and move on. richie sambora will dump psycho denise and come look for me. :) of course i don't want him now that he has denise cooties. lmao. well maybe i'll reconsider if he has an exam. :) paris will get lost in europe unable to communicate since she thinks all europeans speak french. one can only hope.
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 10 years
I doubt JT will ever go back to Britney. I'm not a particular fan of his but anyone can see he's on the rise while she has already crashed.
Barcino-girl Barcino-girl 10 years
In 2007 Brad will left Angie and will marry me! Im sure, don't you?
ScrewDuff ScrewDuff 10 years
in 2007 i think that joel madden and nicole richie will tell come out and tell people they are dating or break up
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