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Zach Braff Tweets About TLC Song

The Funniest Celebrity Tweets of the Week

In this week's funniest celebrity tweets, everything is just falling apart. Zach Braff did the one thing TLC warned us not to, while Kat Denning scratched her eye in the strangest way possible. Also, find out who's giving us plenty of nightmares with her own version of American Horror Story, and who might be losing her hair today. It's all in our roundup of the most hilarious tweets of the week!

TLC warned you, Zach, but you just had to do it, didn't you?!

Sounds like Kat Dennings's cornea is having a rough (yet satisfying) week.

Imagine the turmoil LA would be in after the closure of all gyms. Just think about it.

Sounds like Mindy Kaling's being tortured in the worst and most unique way possible.

Check out the rest of our favorite funny tweets when you read on!

Anna Kendrick definitely knows a humblebrag when she sees one.

Thanks a lot, Julie. Here come weeks and weeks of horrific nightmares.

File under: most appropriate moment to use the phrase "doggone it!"

No wonder so many children have been bursting into flames lately!

In other news, Kristen Bell's skirts continue to weep quietly and inconsolably in their drawer.

Oh, totally. Have you ever been to that club called the Louvre? It's insane.

Close enough, right?

Is it more or less embarrassing to order so much food that they just assume it's for two people?

You might want to work in some violent sobbing to burn a few extra calories.

Wait, but this is a valid point. Motion to outlaw pants on TV!

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