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Is Zach Hanging up his Scrubs?

Zach is back on the set filming the 6th season of Scrubs, but he's thinking this could be his last year on the show. In fact, it may even be the last year of the show... no one knows for sure, but since the show is narrated through Braff's JD character it would be kinda hard for it to keep going. Zach said,

"My guess is that this will be my last season," he told Premiere magazine. "Whether or not they continue without me, I don't know. I have had this amazing run on the show and I love it and I'm so grateful, but I want to make movies full time."

Most actors want to make the transition from TV to the movie world, but it's not that easy. Big shot Zach has had some great success in writing and directing Garden State. Let's hope he doesn't get too cocky and forget his little friends on Scrubs.


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