Reading Adam Rippon's Instagram Captions Is Almost Better Than Watching the Olympics

Fine, I'll admit it: I almost care more about checking Adam Rippon's Instagram account each day than I do about the Winter Olympics. Almost! After all, it's thanks to the Winter Olympics that we've all been blessed with his hilarious, heartfelt, and fierce social media presence more than usual. For the uninitiated: Rippon is an incredible, Olympic medal-winning figure skater for Team USA, and also an expert when it comes to crafting the perfect one-to-two sentence blurb to accompany his oft-shirtless photos (you won't find any passé Drake lyrics here, trust).

Although his gorgeous performance for the men's free skate was absolutely breathtaking and earned the 28-year-old athlete a silver medal, his Instagram indisputably deserves gold. From cheeky comments about standing on the podium with his teammates to hilarious notes about his haters, prepare to laugh out loud as you scroll through the best ones below.