Alicia Silverstone Crushes Her Clueless-Themed Lip Sync Battle Performance — as Cher Horowitz!

Alicia Silverstone's got moves! The iconic Clueless actress — who stars in the new sitcom American Woman — hit the stage for an episode of Lip Sync Battle against her costar Mena Suvari on Thursday night, and she nailed it. Alicia appropriately performed Iggy Azalea's 2014 hit "Fancy," which famously re-created scenes from Clueless in the music video. In all her Cher Horowitz glory, Alicia donned her yellow plaid skirt suit and knee socks as she sang along to the song.

We knew something good was about to go down when LSB cohost Chrissy Teigen shared a sweet photo of herself fangirling over Alicia during the show's taping back in October. Watch Alicia's full performance above now and bask in the beauty of your '90s self.