Jon Stewart Imagines What His Life Would Have Been Like With Angelina Jolie

Jon Stewart probably isn't the only man to imagine what his life would be like if he ended up with Angelina Jolie, but that won't stop him from pitching the actress-turned-director his romantic idea. Angie stopped by The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Thursday night to promote her latest film, Unbroken, which caused Jon to briefly imagine how they would have made out as an item. He said, "If you'd ended up with me instead of Brad Pitt, our portmanteau – Stewart and Jolie – would have been Stolie. We could have been a vodka brand!" The host also shared a memory from when he first met Angelina on the set of 1998's Playing by Heart, saying that he could tell she had something special from the moment he met her. Watch the full interview above, and be sure to check out more must-see viral videos.