Ariana Grande Puts Ryan Seacrest in His Place After He Presses Her About Mac Miller

Ariana Grande is a legend. She just embarrassed Ryan Seacrest for being nosy

— not lindsay lohan (@drugproblem) September 14, 2016

Just because Ariana Grande may have a new man in her life, doesn't mean she feels like talking about him. On Thursday, during an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the singer shut down questions about her budding relationship with rapper Mac Miller in a major way. When Ryan alluded to a recent Instagram photo of the pair as confirmation of their romance, Ariana seemed immediately taken aback, asking, "Is that what Instagram means to you now?" After some awkward back and forth, she put it plainly: "If I post something, that's what I'm willing to share in that moment," she said, adding, "That doesn't mean that you and your millions of listeners are entitled to more information."

This isn't the first time Ariana has defended herself (or other women) from potentially sexist comments. Back in 2015, after breaking up with rapper Big Sean, the singer shared an open letter about the double standards of dating, writing, "What I meant when I said what I said about not being Sean's ex is that I am tired of living in a world where women are mostly referred to as a man's past, present, or future PROPERTY / POSSESSION," she wrote. "I . . . do not. belong. to anyone. but myself. and neither do you."