President Obama Takes Over The Colbert Report Because He Can

For his final swing on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert brought out the big guns, and it doesn't really get any bigger than President Barack Obama. Yes, the president was a guest of honor on Stephen's show on Monday night, which took place in Washington DC. While Obama has appeared on the show two times before this week, it was the first time he got to fill Stephen's chair. Obama got a chance to play the faux conservative talk show host when he pretended to be Stephen during the segment "The Word," which had been changed to "The Decree." Obama joked, "Stephen, you've been taking a lot of shots at my job, so I'm taking a shot at yours. How hard can this be? I'm just going to say whatever you say."

He later came out during the show for a full interview, where he revealed that he doesn't get special treatment at home, saying, "There are no trumpets, and they tease me mercilessly for my big ears or my stodgy suits." Watch Obama's "Decree" above and see his interview below. The final episode of The Colbert Report will air on Comedy Central on Dec. 18.