This Fight Between Batgirl and Mr. Incredible Might Be the Oddest Thing You'll See Today

It was the clash of the Hollywood superheroes on Monday when costumed characters got into a physical fight in front of TCL Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, CA. A bystander caught a scary scuffle between a woman dressed as Batgirl and a man dressed as Mr. Incredible, showing Mr. Incredible and Batgirl struggling with each other and people dressed as Freddy Krueger, Waldo from Where's Waldo, and Chewbacca trying to keep the peace. After Batgirl broke free, Mr. Incredible started to chase her down the busy sidewalk before body slamming her in front of dozens of tourists. (He was eventually chased off by bystanders and the other characters.) According to a local CBS affiliate, no arrests were made, and the costumed fighters were never identified. It's not clear why the fight broke out but, later, a man dressed as Batman told CBS that there are sometimes scuffles amongst the "bad" costumed folks. He said, "The bad ones, they roam up and down, so they cross paths or they target the same people, and then they get into each other. It's less now because we have a lot more police presence here since last year, and it has made a difference. It's not cleaned up yet, but it is getting better."

LA isn't the only town that's had trouble with unregulated costumed characters who charge tourists "tips" for taking photographs with them at popular destinations. NYC has had ongoing issues with costumed characters who roam around Times Square and allegedly harass visitors.