Ben Affleck's Colorful Tattoos Really Need to Be Seen to Be Believed

Ben Affleck recently grabbed headlines when he put his massive phoenix tattoo on display while training for his upcoming Netflix movie, Triple Frontier, in Hawaii. Ben's ink is surprising not because of its size, but because the actor once claimed it was fake. During an interview with Mario Lopez back in 2015, Ben was asked about the ink after he was spotted with it on the set of Live By Night, and he said it was "fake for a movie." However, he did confirm that he has a "number of tattoos," and also explained that he tries "to have them in places where you don't have to do a lot to cover up." You know, like the now-removed dolphin tattoo he got to cover up his ex-girlfriend's name from high school on his right hip. Read on to see the rest of Ben's ink.

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Ben has a cross design with flowers on his left shoulder.

Splash News Online

He also has barbed wire around his right bicep, which he later expanded with a tree and band of roses.


Perhaps Ben's most famous tattoo — and biggest — is the colorful phoenix on his back. While the actor initially claimed the tattoo was "fake for a movie," it was still there three years later when he hit the beach in Hawaii while training for Netflix's Triple Frontier. Nice try, Ben!