Jon Stewart to Benedict Cumberbatch: I Want to Rip Your Clothes Off

Benedict Cumberbatch's notorious charm has won him another admirer: Jon Stewart. The handsome actor made an appearance on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Tuesday to promote his latest project, The Imitation Game. However, host Jon just couldn't get over how dreamy his guest was, and he kept bringing it up throughout the interview. "I want to rip your clothes and sell them on eBay," Jon said. "It's upsetting to me." After Benedict went into a thoughtful explanation of playing Alan Turing, Jon still couldn't get over his man crush, saying, "I guess it'd be the wrong time to ask you to marry me. It's just as you were talking, I was like, 'Man, he's really smart, too.' Now this whole thing is starting to get upsetting." Watch the hilarious interview above, and if you need more proof of Benedict's sexiness, check out his hottest moments.