Beyoncé and JAY-Z Accept Their Brit Award With a Stunning Ode to Meghan Markle

Everyone else can go home (even you, Dua Lipa), because Beyoncé and JAY-Z just won the Brit Awards . . . and they weren't even there. The couple picked up the award for best international group (for their collaborative work as The Carters) at the ceremony, which is basically the British equivalent of the Grammys. Since they couldn't be in London in person to accept the award, they sent a video message instead.

But this was no ordinary video message. Instead of a dull half-hearted thanks, the Carters delivered a piece of art. They paid homage to Meghan Markle by standing in front of a portrait of the duchess wearing a tiara and pearls, which was created by illustrator Tim O'Brien and originally featured on the cover of The Key's Summer 2018 issue (the publication is for Kappa Kappa Gamma members, and Meghan was part of the famous sorority during her days at Northwestern University). Bey took the lead in thanking UK fans for the award, before they turned to admire the portrait. It's at this point that a young voice (which just has to be their daughter, Blue) piped up to ask a very important question.

After the show, Beyoncé shared an Instagram photo from their video shoot with a heartfelt shout-out to the Duchess of Sussex, bestowing her with the title of "Melanated Mona." See what it is for yourself ahead. We're off for a cup of tea and a sit-down, because this is all too much for us.

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