This Woman Just Realized She Took a Photo With Blake Lively at a Spice Girls Concert in 1997

Way before she was Serena van der Woodsen or sharing a traveling pair of pants, Blake Lively was pretending to be someone else in a different way. The 30-year-old actress recently shared a throwback photo from a fan, where she dressed as Baby Spice and posed for a photo. Basically, she's been an icon since back in 1997, as if you needed proof.

After Blake shared Twitter user @briamadrid's photo, it didn't take long for the original Baby Spice to chime in with her seal of approval. Emma Bunton commented on the photo, writing, "So cute, you're rocking those pigtails." Blake couldn't help but fangirl over Emma's response, writing, "Forever bowing down to you. I cannot believe you know who I am. This will never be normal." It's good to know even Blake Lively will lose all chill when a Spice Girl comes into the picture. Same, Blake, same.

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