Michelle Obama Honors Chance the Rapper as He Makes History at the BET Awards

Chance the Rapper became the youngest recipient of BET's humanitarian award at just 24 years old on Sunday night. Chance was honored for his recent philanthropic efforts, and as if that wasn't exciting enough, Chance got another special honor when he received a personal message from Michelle Obama. Before making his way to the stage, a prerecorded message from the former first lady played. "We are so incredibly proud of you, Chance," Michelle said. "Chance, you are an outstanding role model and an inspiration to all of us who care about our next generation. Because of you, countless young people will grow up believing in themselves."

Chance then made his way to the stage to accept his award and delivered one of the most inspiring speeches of the night. "I'm 24 . . . and to be receiving something like this at my age, it feels, uh, a little bit . . . it feels good as hell," he said. "It feels a little early to get something like this, but my god doesn't make mistakes." His speech then took a political turn when he spoke out against police brutality, the education system, and unwarranted prison sentences. "Let everyone out of jail for selling weed before ya'll start making it legal. . . . We gotta work on ourselves before we can work on the world, so I want to be a better father." Well said, Chance.

Chance the Rapper just gave the best award acceptance speech, ever. #BETAwards pic.twitter.com/mVZzZUmI5E

— Pop Culture Polls (@PopPoIls) June 26, 2017