Claire Foy Revealed Exactly What Went Down When She Met the REAL Queen Elizabeth II

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Claire Foy may have played Queen Elizabeth II for Netflix's The Crown, but when it came to meeting the real monarch in person, she had a hard time keeping her royal cool. The 34-year-old actress hosted Saturday Night Live on Dec. 1 and revealed exactly what went down when she met the British royal face to face.

"A million questions are running through my mind," Claire said during her opening monologue. "What will the queen say to me? How will I respond? And then it happened. I shook the queen's hand and she smiled at me, and she said absolutely nothing about The Crown!"

Granted, this introduction took place three years before Claire appeared in the Netflix series, but let's not get caught up in the details. She went on to talk about how encouraging it has been to play so many powerful women and how she hopes to see many more inspirational female leaders — so she can keep snagging roles, of course! Watch her monologue in full above, and make sure you check out her hilarious fake Netflix commercial.