Daniel Radcliffe Says "We Should All Be So Lucky" For Channing Tatum's "Lost City" Nude Scene

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Ahead of the theatrical release of "The Lost City" on March 25, it seems that everyone can't stop talking about Channing Tatum's nude scene, including Daniel Radcliffe, who portrays villainous billionaire Fairfax in the film that also stars Oscar winner Sandra Bullock. During a recent interview with "Entertainment Tonight" at the SXSW Film Festival, the "Harry Potter" alum gave fans the scoop on Tatum's nude scene that involved lots of, um, leeches.

"I wasn't there for that scene on that day, but I have heard a lot about it, and I believe that was Channing's first day on the film where he just had to get naked — second day on the film of getting naked in front of the crew," he said at "The Lost City"'s SXSW premiere on Tuesday. "A traditional actor's greeting." When the "Entertainment Tonight" correspondent asked if he'd be shutting his eyes during Tatum's nude scene, Radcliffe quipped, "No! God, we should all be so lucky to look at Channing Tatum's naked body."

Radcliffe also discussed Tatum and Bullock's on screen chemistry in the adventure comedy, saying, "It mostly comes down to openness and being curious and open about the other person you're working with and both Sandra and Channing are that." Watch Radcliffe's interview in full above!

The "Magic Mike" actor recently opened up about what it was like shooting his nude scene. "Walking to set with a bunch of leeches super-glued to my butt and not having met everybody and just kinda being like, 'Okay, I'm gonna be butt-naked, my name's Chan today. This is just what it is,'" he shared in a behind-the-scenes featurette for the forthcoming film. "And then not only that, but to have Sandra Bullock have, like, a two-page monologue with, uh, a certain part of my body..."

"You have to really like the person and feel safe with them. There was no weirdness," Bullock added. "You'd think there would be weirdness, but because he was so chill about it, he dropped everything and I spoke to it."

"The Lost City" hits theaters on March 25, and in the meantime, check out the official trailer below!

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