David Beckham Has Vacationed With Elton John For So Long, He's Starting to Turn Into Him

I think it's gonna be a long, long time till I forget about this picture of David Beckham dressed as Elton John. The 44-year-old former athlete has spent the last couple of weeks on a family vacation in France with Elton and David Furnish, and he must really be feeling the Rocketman vibes, judging from the Instagram photo Victoria Beckham shared on Aug. 28.

"This is everything!!" she wrote, alongside a picture of David wearing a printed Versace shirt and sparkly sunglasses. I think David's pretty much set for a Halloween costume this year. He can take a note from Harry Styles's book and dress up as Elton. Oh, and since they've been friends for over two decades now, Elton might even lend David a pair of shades from his personal collection.