What Demi Lovato Tells Herself to Feel More Confident

Demi Lovato lives in the Beyoncé/Christina Aguilera territory when it comes to powerhouse performances — the girl can hit every single note. Not to mention, she's a singing and acting phenom, having starred in a hit television show and movie, appeared on one of the biggest movie soundtracks of all time (ever heard of Frozen?), and just launched her own skin care line. With range like that, it's hard to imagine that she would ever doubt herself, but even the prior Disney darling admits to feeling insecure at times. (Just one reason why she's so relatable and has legions of fans internationally.)

This up-front, outspoken demeanor makes her a natural spokeswoman for Tampax's Be Radiant campaign. (Who else handles talks about that time of the month with such grace?) Demi sat down with POPSUGAR to discuss how she psychs herself up when she isn't feeling 100 percent and gave some intel on her new album.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

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