Princess Lottie! Kate Middleton Revealed Another Sweet Nickname For Her Little Girl

Kate Middleton and Prince William made a surprise trip to Northern Ireland on Wednesday, and while chatting with a group of waiting well-wishers, the Duchess of Cambridge spilled one of her cute nicknames for 3-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte. Belfast-based blogger Laura-Ann was one of the excited fans to get a few moments with Kate during her visit to Windsor Park Stadium, and she shared her unexpected encounter with the royal via Instagram Stories later that day. The mom of two had her son George with her as she handed a bouquet of pink flowers to Kate, and after telling young George that he has a "really cool name," the duchess then asked how old Laura-Ann's older son, Bertie, is. According to Laura-Ann, after hearing that he's 4 years old, Kate replied, "Oh! He's the same age as Lottie."

Princess Charlotte — or "Lottie" — was born in 2015 and will be celebrating her fourth birthday this May. Both Will and Kate have casually dropped small details about the "very sweet and very confident" young royal over the years, and we recently found out that she takes ballet lessons and loves olives and cheesy pasta. And Lottie likely isn't Char's only family nickname. In December, Kate was spotted on a rare shopping trip with Charlotte in tow and was overheard telling the toddler, "Get up, Poppet." Keep scrolling to see Kate speaking to Laura-Ann and little George, then check out even more facts about the British royal family.