Drake's Latest Move Is Proof That He Should Just Marry Rihanna Already

Drake's "flirtationship" with Rihanna has had the world questioning for years, and the rapper's latest move is the closest thing we've gotten to confirmation from the pair. In celebration of Rihanna's well-deserved MTV Video Vanguard award, Drake didn't just send a bouquet — he put up a whole damn billboard. If that's not devotion, we don't know what is.

Rihanna captioned her photo of the sweet gesture with a heart, calling Drake "extra." Can they just get married already? They've obviously got the chemistry to make things work (pun intended), and Drake's unwavering support for Rihanna is enough to make the whole world swoon. If only the rest of us were so lucky in love . . .

Drake gave Rihanna a billboard but I can't even get a text back pic.twitter.com/uCCYd7xZNq

— justin (@JustinVisuals) August 26, 2016