Drew Barrymore and John Boyega Battled James Corden, and Someone Ate a Turkey Testicle

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Drew Barrymore and John Boyega joined James Corden on Wednesday night for a game of "Spill Your Guts Or Fill Your Guts." Following in the footsteps of a handful of celebs who've been brave enough to face a table full of disgusting foods (including Gordon Ramsay, Anna Wintour, and Kim Kardashian), the actors had to choose between answering some seriously difficult questions, or chowing down on the "delicacies." Without ruining too much of the fun, we will say that everyone chose the food at least once . . . and it's no wonder, given Drew was asked to rank her friends, and John was expected to reveal his Star Wars paycheck! Watch all the action go down now, then check out Drew reminiscing about another late night highlight of hers!