Baby Jasmine Is Only 2, but She Already Has Dwayne Johnson Wrapped Around Her Finger

Dwayne Johnson's daughter Jasmine may only be 2 years old, but she's clearly already mastered the art of manipulating her famous dad. On Thursday, the actor — who's been busy filming his HBO show, Ballers — shared an adorable video of Jasmine throwing a tantrum and tossing her little red Solo cup on the floor in order to get her way. "In da cuppp. After a very long and fatiguing day of work, the battle of wills between me and my baby, Jasmine Lia was just the mental therapy I needed," Dwayne captioned the clip. "When she throws the cup and pretends to be sad... she's rewriting the psychological chess game, that I thought I mastered. Think again daddy." Dwayne may be one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, but at home, he's just plain old Dad, and we love it!