Adam Levine and Ellen DeGeneres Make a Bunch of People Almost Pee Their Pants in Fear

Picture this: you've been waiting in line forever to see your favorite talk-show host, Ellen DeGeneres, do her thing, and you really need to pee. You finally find the bathroom and open the door to a stall, where a masked psychopath playing the cymbals leaps out at you while their accomplice sprays you in the face with silly string. If that sounds more like a fun, hilarious interaction than something out of your worst nightmares, then you'll get a kick out of Ellen and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine's epic bathroom prank. The talk-show host and the new dad repeatedly scared some of the show's audience members, which resulted in plenty of laughs and screams of, "Oh, sh*t!" Out of all of Ellen's hidden-camera shenanigans and elaborate scares, this no doubt goes down as one of her best.