Cheer's Jerry Harris Tells Ellen DeGeneres All About His Big Oscars Night: "It Was Insane!"

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Someone give Jerry Harris an award for slaying his first time as Ellen DeGeneres's Oscars correspondent. The Navarro cheerleader from Netflix's Cheer brought his signature charm and charisma to the red carpet on Sunday night, and the following day he stopped by Ellen's show to talk about how the evening went. "It was insane. It was such an indescribable feeling," he told Ellen. "I'm like wow, this is bigger than I could've ever imagined."

Jerry said it felt "awesome" to meet celebrities who acted like they knew him personally. Once you get a glimpse of his interviews, you'll understand exactly what he means. These stars were just as excited to meet Jerry as he was to meet them! From the night's big winners, like Laura Dern and Brad Pitt, to musical performer Billie Eilish, Jerry's night was jam-packed full of famous encounters. Greta Gerwig even taught him what "pumping" means, and a few lucky actors even got to try on Jerry's championship ring. I think Coach Monica would be very, very proud.

Watch the full video above, and prepare to melt as Jerry brings mat talk to the red carpet.